To be obvious, this is a page of my Lost blogs. This ABC show is the only reason ever to get cable. The show’s final season is slated to begin in 2010, so this page will pretty much be inactive until shortly before it begins.

If you’re spiritually lost, you don’t have to be. Simply confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead and you will be saved! Visit your local Bible-affirming church or contact me if you have further questions.

Season 5 Posts

Lost: S5E1 – S5E2 : The Oceanic Six : Will All 6 Make It Back To The Island?

Season 4 Posts

Lost: Where Did the Island Go?

Lost : Oceanic Six : Why Sun Would Help Widmore

Lost : The Oceanic Six & Who’s in the Coffin

Lost : The Oceanic Six & Others Who Might Get Off The Island

Fighting the Future: Lost versus Heroes

Lost : The Oceanic Six & Aaron : Is Claire Dead?

Lost : The Implications of Mental Temporal Dislocation [Mental Time Travel]

Lost :: The Oceanic Six : Sun Makes Six? Is Jinn Dead?

Lost :: The Oceanic Six : The Bodybag Theory

Lost :: Michael’s Back but where’s Walt?

Lost : The Oceanic Six Revealed : Now What?

Siriusly Lost : S04 E09 The Shape of Things To Come

Lost: S04 E10: Where Is Claire? And Will Locke Die?

Lost: Season 4 Finale Predictions: The Oceanic Six & Moving The Island

Season 3 Posts

Lost :: Flashforwards & Alternate Timelines

Lost :: Season 3 Finale :: Through the Looking Glass

Implications of the Rabbit 15

Sirius Knott

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