Lost : S5E1-S5E2 : The Oceanic Six : Will All 6 Make It Back To The Island?

I’ve been thinking about the Season 5 premier of Lost. That’s why I haven’t written anything yet.

I wasn’t disappointed. We have time travel, danger, unanswered questions, tensions… all that.

The two big themes of the season premier are: What happened to the Island and everybody on it? and How will the Oceanic Six get back to the Island?

It’s clear that the Island is still there, as I predicted. It’s just been dislocated in time. This entails much more than moving forward in time, as I proposed. They’re actually skipping forward and backwards in time [Hallowax’s skipping record in the opening scenes. Foreshadowing!]. They haven’t confirmed this yet, but I think there’s a reason Desmond had to push the Hatch button every 108 minutes. I think they will discover that the interval between time hops is 108 minutes.

One of ABC’s Sneak Peek’s shows Edgar Hallowax giving his real name, telling us future information that he shouldn’t know in his time frame including the Purge and insisting that the Dharma Initiative must be re-instated. The cameraman has Faraday’s voice. Faraday was also in the opening scenes of Season 5 in Hallowax’s pre-Purge timeline [in fact, before they built the Orchid station and had just discovered a sonar image of the donkey wheel Ben used to move the Island].

A question: Why did Locke end up alone [though surrounded by Others before the first time hop] when Sawyer and the rest of the gang appear to have moved together? That seems inconsistent.

Oh, and flipping fire arrows???!?? Are you kidding me? Nobody [especially Red Shirt Neil] saw that coming. Who the blazes [pun!] is nocking off fire arrows??

As for Ben and the Oceanic Six…

Jack is on his way back to being the hero we want him to be. I reeeeeally didn’t like the milquetoast, whining, I-just-wanna-go-home-now Jack of the Hydra Station [aka the entire 1st half of Season 4]. He regained his stride a bit once he got free and got down to trying to get everyone rescued, but we also had to content with a pathetic, strung-out, suicidal, “dude, you look weird with a beard” post-Island Jack. I can’t take much more. Just bring back the old Jack!

I watched the Sneak Peaks ABC provided [like a good little Lost junkie], so I already knew there’d be a wrinkle in Kate’s plans. Someone thinks she isn’t Aaron’s mother and wants a few blood samples to prove it. Kate [predictably] runs.

But runs into Sun. Whom I really don’t trust right now. She’s under-estimating Widmore, but [I was right] she’s willing to work with him to get her revenge upon Ben Linus. And I don’t think Jinn’s really dead. He survived one [O]ther boating disaster quite nicely. If Sawyer could swim back, I wonder if Jinn could have. Until it’s confirmed otherwise, I don’t think we should count Jinn completely out.

Sayid and Ben have apparently had a falling out, maybe over that gal he got attached to before he snuffed her.

Hurley went from the nuthouse to being a wanted falsely accused criminal. He turned himself in to get away from Ben.

Which led to a very interesting conversation between Ben and Ms. Hawking [the mysterious time travelling woman Desmond ran into, the one who told him that the past could not be changed and he wasn’t supposed to by Penny and engagement ring]:

Ben: “Any luck?”

Hawking: “Yes,” she says.

Ben: “Really?”

Hawking: “Really. What about you?”

Ben: “I’m having some difficulties.”

Hawking: “You better get busy, ’cause you only have 70 hours.”

Ben: “What? No, no, that’s not enough time. I need at least-”

Hawking: “What you need is irrelevant. What you’ve got are 70 hours.”

Ben: “Look, I lost Reyes tonight. So what happens if I can’t get all of them to come back?”

Hawking: “Then God help us all.”

Which brings up the question: Will all six make it back?

I hate to say it’s predictable, but c’mon! Where would Season 6 be if they don’t?

Still, the ride should be interesting and full of twists and turns. And fire arrows apparently.

–Sirius Knott

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  1. mrslinus says:

    I think that Ben tricked Sayid into think that Windmore killed Nadia. I think either:

    1. Ben himself killed her to get Sayid on his side
    2. Or saw her death as opportunity to get Sayid to work for him.

    I am also not talking forward to the love foursome that is going to be between Jack/Kate/Swayer/Juliet. I say pick a mate and stick with them.

  2. Ha…I didn’t even remember the record skipping at the beginning. Good catch.

    I’m not trusting Sun right now either and am not even convinced her letting Kate off the hook was sincere.

    A thought…recall that Faraday told Desmond to find his mother. Could the mysterious Ms. Hawking, in fact, be Daniel Faraday’s mother?

    Also, recall the strange setting of Ms. Hawking…when we first see her toward the end of the episode, she is in some room with lots of strange equipment, working on some sort of equation. She then walks upstairs and is in…some sort of religious setting (a church or monastery, it appears). Very reflective of the whole “man of science, man of faith” theme that Lost has visited repeatedly!

    Overall I really enjoyed the premiere.

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