Lost : The Oceanic Six Revealed : Now What?

Update 5/29/08:

The original post was dated 4/9/08. I was wrong on several counts. That’s quite frankly the fun of this show. It keeps you guessing.

1. The Season 4 finale brings Penny and Desmond back together, so I was wrong about them stretching out their reunion until next season.

2. Locke and Sawyer did not have a gratuitous cage match.

I’ll let you judge the rest…


So we now know who the Oceanic Six are: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun and Aaron.

The obvious question after all this hype is: Now what?

The producers have let spill that the rest of this season will be about how the Oceanic Six come to leave the Island. Pretty anticlimactic, so I hope they juice it up a bit.

So how does it happen?

I think in Sayid’s case, it’s pretty clear cut. He’s already on the freighter. Desmond and Michael are also on the freighter, but Michael’s there under an alias that wouldn’t be linked to Oceanic Flight 815 and Desmond wasn’t on the plane at all, so he couldn’t pass for a crash survivor. There might be other ways back, but I doubt he’ll make the cut. I think the Penny-Desmond love affair will remain long distance until next season.

Everybody else has to get TO the freighter yet.

Jack and Kate are already in communication [and in good standing] with the freighties. They probably get on the easy way.

Sun probably gets on the freighter due to Jinn’s sacrifice and/or Jack’s insistence as her doctor. If her pregnancy continues on the Island, she’ll die.

As for Hurley and Aaron,currently in Locke’s camp, the situation isn’t as easy to guess. The only clue we have is a clip of Hurley saying, “Does Claire know?” which I think we can take to mean, “Kate, does Claire know we have her baby and we’re taking it off-Island?” My guess is Kate takes Aaron off the Island at Claire’s request due to the escalating danger. Of course, it could be simply because Claire’s dead.

I know this scenario implies that Kate goes back to Locke’s camp [and that’s forbidden]. It could also be that Hurley and Claire herself trek to the beach, that space is limited on the helicopter to the freighter due to fuel [this has happened already, so it’s not a stretch], that Claire decides [or Kate decides] that Aaron is small enough to fit, and that Hurley is only asking the question because he wasn’t aware that Claire wasn’t coming with them,especially seeing as her kid is. I’m leaning toward an impetuous act of last-second kidnapping on Kate’s part [well meaning, of course], because Claire was warned by a psychic not to let anyone raise the baby but herself and she takes that stuff and motherhood in general [with everyone trying to steal her baby and all] pretty darn seriously.

As for other plot developments, I think we’ll see the freighties are divided into two groups: those without a conscience and those who find their conscience upon meeting the Losties.

I also think we’ll find out at least a little more about the Temple [where everybody gets shot if you come by without an invite!], but not much more about Jacob. Locke misunderstands Jacob. As Ben noted, Jacob is someone who summons you, not the other way around. Trying to find him is useless if he doesn’t want to be found. I think Hurley’s our new link to Jacob, so apart from a possible transient appearance for Lock or Ben to keep him in everyone’s mind, I don’t think we’ll find out much more about him until Hurley gets back to the Island.

I also think Locke and Sawyer are finally gonna go head-to-head. Ben’s a little too free to do his worst. Which is probably why Claire and Hurley [and probably Sawyer, if only for a gratuitous last second “Don’t go, Freckles” moment] will opt to rejoin Jack at the beach.

–Sirius Knott




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