A Christian has to have a sense of humor. These are the posts that were intended to be funny.

  • Yard sailing: How to Navigate the Treacherous Sea of Yard Sales – A How-to on Yard Sales and the like.
  • My People are Fat People – A light-hearted look at my fat little world!
  • Santy Claus is Outsourcin’ – Oh, how I hate the way the package those toys!
  • Hannah Montana & the Shortsighted Parents of Doom – Don’t count your chickens before they hatch! The trials of customer service with unreasonable customers in the ticketing business.
  • Holidays Are Extremely Biased… But Happy – A tongue-in-cheek explanation as to why the dreaded “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy Holidays!” aren’t biased in any way at all. But send more Christmas cards, just in case!
  • It’s the Thought That Counts – Why I’m going to get the Dad of the Year Award.
  • Today’s Blog Post – This is what writer’s block looks like.
  • A Sirius Christmas:  Santy Claus Is Outsourcin’, The Meaning of CHRISTmas & The Holidays are Happy, but Biased – A triple threat. All three of my sometimes provocative, always funny Christmas posts!
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