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Willful Ignorance: The Flaw of Equating Science with Naturalism – Based on the post, There Is No Science But Naturalism & Darwin Is Its Prophet! Why stifling Scientific and Academic Freedom by excluding the consideration of Intelligent Design [the message of Ben Stein’s Expelled] is both Unscientific and Irrational. No one has yet successfully refuted these logical propositions. **NEW**

Ex-Christians: The Evolution Factor – A brief survey of the statistical and anecdotal reality that children who are taught evolution as scientific truth largely go on to reject religious truth wholesale. **NEW**


Resurrection Apologetics – Why belief in Jesus’ historical existence, actual physical death and literal resurrection from the dead is reasonable given the evidence. **NEW**



And don’t forget our free Defending Genesis church bulletin inserts, a 13-week miniature course in Biblical Creation & Catastrophism!

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  1. Way practical! Love it.

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