Lost : The Oceanic Six & Aaron : Is Claire Dead?

Update 5/29/08:

This post was originally written on 2/28/08. At the time the Oceanic Six had not yet been finalized.

Two notes:

1. Michael was not in the coffin. It was Locke.

2. We now know that Claire vanished into the jungle of mystery shortly after “surviving” the explosion of her house in New Otherton. Given ghost-whisperer Miles’ reactions to her and the fact that she showed up later with Jack’s dead father in Jacob’s cabin, I’d say she didn’t actually survive. Island effects made it seem as if she did, mostly because she did not accept that she was dead. I think we’ll see in Season 5 that Christian convinces her that she is in fact dead.


Is she dead?

Aaron’s inclusion in the Oceanic Six is a real curve ball. It tossed some of my speculations on their metaphorical ears. Aaron’s inclusion apparently san Claire raises some serious questions. I really find it hard to believe that she’d send Aaron off the Island without her there with him, unless… 

She is somehow convinced that she must to set things right by Desmond or someone else who can see the future, maybe even a future in which Charlie is restored to her. The consequences of not doing so would have to be terribly grave, like the world ending, but I can see Dezz having a flash where the Oceanic Six are seen, just like Dez saw himself, Charlie, Hurlie and Jinn taking a camping trip to find Naomi. Or just like Abbadon’s group saw Naomi and the other freighties coming to the Island. Doesn’t pay to mess with the formula, brotha.

Otherwise she’s probably gonna die in some future episode.

And who is the Oceanic Sixth? A single? Or will they break up another couple to maintain some semblance of viewer viability or buy-in with needing to go back to the guys they left on the Isalnd? Think about it: if all the truly interesting guys get off the Island, why would we care if they went back? They’re running out of headliners. I think the answer is obvious: Michael. I think he’s been separated or will be separated from Walt.

I also still think he’s  in that coffin.

— Sirius Knott


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  1. Paul says:

    I think Claire is ALREADY dead. She took a full on attack and has been acting strange ever since. We know the dead have some ability in the island and her interaction with Christian seems to confirm this. Note – the ‘Ghost Whisperer’ couldn’t keep his eyes of her………………

  2. Sirius says:

    I’m starting to agree with you.

    Good observation about Miles. Miles was acting really strange around her, constantly staring at her. He even offered to hold the baby! And he was certainly unconcerned when she traipsed off into the jungle, noting, “She wasn’t alone.”

    Also, she seems giddy when she’s talking to Locke and Christian. And absolutely and uncharacteristically unconcerned about the fact that she’s separated from Charlie.

    The question we need to ask ourselves is this: What does dead mean on an Island where the laws of timespace don’t operate correctly?

    –Sirius Knott

  3. Paul says:

    A lot more elequent than my previous post, but yes these are my thoughts on the matter.
    There’s to much evidence to point at Claire being dead. We have seen Christian walk around and be seen by Jack, Locke, Michael. If Sawyer thought she was still alive and Claire thought she was still alive, this may have kicked in with the island’s mojo (plus being Christians daughter couldn’t have hurt)and allowed her to carry on, despite the fact she’s ‘dead’. The main characters only seem to die when they fulfill their destiny.

    Boone – accepts Shannon doesn’t love him, becomes his own man

    Shannon – Finds love for loves sake

    Mr Eko – Admits to himself he has done the best with his life he could

    Michael – Right’s the wrongs he did

    Charlie – ‘saves’ Claire

    This also could show why Aaron is so important. One half of his parentage is from Christian (now Jacob?). A friend of mine reckons he saw claires old boyfriends painting in Widmores office. Now if he was Widmore’s son and Aaroon was Widmore’s grandson………………………………

  4. Blair says:

    I really hope she isn’t she’s sooo hott,

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