Implications of the Rabbit 15

Included on the Lost Season 3 DVD [disc 7] is an orientation video for Station 6. I found this synopsis on wikipedia:

“A video aired at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con shows footage of an orientation video for Station 6 (“The Orchid”), in which “Edgar Halowax” explains that, contrary to Dharma’s statements that the station was for botanical research, the station is used for researching a “Casimir effect” exhibited by the Island. Halowax shows a rabbit numbered ’15’. Later in the video at the top of the screen, in a glass cage another rabbit appears with the number ’15’ on it. Halowax demands that they be separated and asks a fellow scientist “How long did you set it for?”, to which she replies, “T-minus 20 minutes”. This could be a time travel reference, in that she possibly sent the rabbit 20 minutes into the future, which would mean that it would ‘appear’ at the time of the videos filming. When Halowax demands that they be separated, “Get them away from each other!”, he could be worried that the rabbit will come into contact with its future self and cause a ripple in the space-time continuum.

There are three hidden frames in this video at 0:39 , 0:49 , 1:09. The first one is a frame of 4 people who seem to be scientists. The second is of a building in the city. It appears to have an eerie shadow on it. The third is text that says “God loves you as he loved Jacob”.”


I also found the follwing information regarding the Casimir effect: 

“According to current theories on the nature of wormholes, construction of a traversable wormhole would require the existence of a substance known as “exotic matter” with negative energy. Many physicists believe that negative energy may actually be possible due to the Casimir effect in quantum physics. Although early calculations suggested a very large amount of negative energy would be required, later calculations showed that the amount of negative energy can be made arbitrarily small.” 


What’s interesting about the video [other than the fact that it gives a possible explanation for the fact that the wacko scientist who’s holding  rabbit 15 is later missing an arm: wormhole close on it, pal?] is that the Dharma folks have apparently been tinkering with time, creating wormholes that allow future and past selves to come to the same time frame. This, as any Star Trek fan knows, is dangerous, for if you touch your alter time self you both die. The video suggests that contact with alternate time selves could have bad effects for others. [Come to think of it, if Halowax was holding a rabbit 15 and it came into contact with alter rabbit 15….. could lose an arm, at least, huh?]

The larger implications is that time travel is possible due to a natural phenomenon on the island which Dharma has imperfectly managed to tap into. This means that the things we see in the flashforwards can be changed.

Good thing, as future Jack is an absolute mess. Pathetic!

— Sirius Knott


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    Where did you get ahold of the rabbit-15 orientation video?

  2. Sirius says:

    Lost Season 3 DVD. Disc 7.

    I forget what it was called.


    — Sirius Knott

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