Family of Websites

The ministry blogsite of Tony Breeden & family. Comenting on Creation, Evolution, politics, religion, Church reform, cryptozoology, humor & anything else God puts on our heart. We also let you know what’s going on with our ministry and with our outreach projects like &

My author website, featuring action-packed science fiction and thoughts on writing and Christian issues in writing.

Historical ufology and exotheology from a Christian POV. The companion website to my book, Strangers & Aliens.

The Creationist response to atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman’s pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project. Sign the Creation Letter, affirming the historical veracity of a literal Genesis. We’ve also dissected Zimmerman’s letter for you to demonstrate how it compromises God’s Word. We also urge churches to celebrate a Creation Sunday rather than Zimmerman’s Evolution Sundays!

In late 2010, we created an official Creation Sunday website to list advertised Creation Sunday services taking place on Creation Weekend and any other Sunday of the year. Check it out to attend or advertise a Creation Sunday celebration taking place near you!

Answering actual questions we’ve received concerning the Genesis Flood, dinosaurs and the Ark. If you have a question, we’d love the opportunity to respond!

Book reviews from a Biblical Creationist POV.