Goodbye, Part 2

This part is for those who supported me all these years.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

I hope you don’t think of this as a betrayal. If I’m honest, I haven’t really been doing much in the way of creation apologetics for a few years now. My heart and my interests have gone elsewhere. I don’t think anyone just wants me to plod on out of an odd sense of obligation.

I had to make this decision once before. I stopped the Creation Letter Project because its time was past. And I’ve made the decision to make more of a static page than an active locus for an annual event. Basically, if you want to celebrate a Creation Sunday, the site will provide some information. I had hoped for more of it, but like the Evolution Weekend it was meant as a response to, it was a fad that never caught on.

Noah’s Ark: Beyong Flannelgraph will remain unaffected and you’ll probably see a few new posts every so often at and The Eschaton is Near. But for the most part, I’m going to be writing more books and less blogs.

For those who are wondering, yes, I’m still a Christian, but I look at a bit like writing a novel. There comes a time when you’ve said everything you needed to say.

Some day, I may write about what I learned during my strange time as a creation apologist. The good and the bad. But I want to take a moment here to caution those still on this path:

Don’t let it make you quarrelsome. It’s so easy to fall into that miserable trap. People aren’t argued into the kingdom. Present your case. Be respectful. Christianity isn’t dependent upon your case for it. It’s good tp give reasons to believe. It’s goos to encourage beluevers that their faith stands on solid ground.

But don’t win an argument at the expense of a potential convert. We are supposed to be known by our love. Bit that’s not what people associate with Christians, much less creationists these days.

But for now, goodbye and good luck.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. TobySauce says:

    Will miss your blogs, they were always interesting and inspiring! Have a blast writing your books!

  2. Daniel T says:

    Awww man! I just came here to ask for some help in my book I am writing about Noah… Are you contactable in some other way?

    1. Tony Breeden says:

      Sorry. I’m way behind on fielding comments from various sites I run. If you PM me on the page, I will be happy to assist you.

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