Lost: The Oceanic Six: The Bodybag Theory

Update 5/29/08:

Originally posted on 3/16/08.

The Season 4 Finale has aired and the Bodybag Theory dies an ignonimous death! Ach!

I love this show. It just keeps you guessing!


We know Six make it off the Island as the Oceanic Six, but who else might be leaving?

 The reason I even ask is because in Sayid’s flashforward, Ben is clearly off-Island. How did he get there? is the question.

A few possibilities present themselves:

1. He could be posing as someone on the passenger manifest. This is unlikely, mostly because it would make Ben a rather large and obvious target to his enemies. It would also reveal his hand and let his enemies know he was up to something. Ben has posed as someone else before [Henry Gale], but when he did so he was hiding his true agenda, not putting a big bullseye on himself and handing himself over to his enemies. I find it unlikely, in other words, that his enemies would not immediately know his face and realize the game was afoot. Considering the lengths Widmore has went to thus far to hide the fact that Flight 185 had ANY survivors and to get at Ben Linus, I don’t think he would last long if he was quite that stupid.

2. He could pose as one of the freighties. Interestingly enough, Michael as Kevin Johnson might be able to get back to civilization without being one of the Oceanic Six. Yet it would be risky for both of them. It might be possible, but I’m thinking they’d have to pose as somebody who was alive when the freighter last left port.

3. I’ve theorized at least 2 bodybags coming back with the Oceanic Six. Why? Well, in Kate’s flashforward, Jack testifies at her trial that there were initially 8 survivors, but only six came back ALIVE. It’s possible that, under the guise that they had exhumed and were bring back their dead, 1 or 2 people could sneak back to civilization in a body bag. Anyone who’s seen one spy movie too much can testify that it’s at least possible from the Hollywood POV.

4. Ben could have another means off the Island. Yes, the submarine is toast, but is that the only way off? Even if it is, if time-space travel is actually possible [and I’ve theorized as much to explain Charlie’s “I am dead; I’m also here” comment to Hurley in Hurley’s flashforward and to explain how the Rabbit 15 vanishes and moves from one place to another] – and not just mental temporal dislocation – then Ben could go back in time to the sub or at some point before the sub explodes bring the sub itself forward in time to him. Frankly, I’m still working on this idea.

I’m favoring the bodybag theory for Ben and/or Juliette at this point, but we’ll see…

 —Sirius Knott


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  1. ktr2003 says:

    I don’t know but I hope it doesn’t get as bad as heroes season 2.

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