Lost: S04 E10 : Where is Claire? And Will Locke Die?

Update 5/29/08:

Originally posted on 5/2/08.

I think it’s clear now that Claire is dead. In any case, it’s been revealed that Jack found out Claire was his sister off the Island and was told by Claire’s mother, who is now out of her coma. I’m not sure where Claire went went she followed Christian [presumably] into the jungle, but it wasn’t to see Jack.


I just watched today’s Lost episode. [Man, these just fly by, don’t they? Just when I get into it, it’s gone and I’m Jonesing until next week!]

“Something Nice Back Home”

We see now that Jack and Kate DID get together after the trial, but it didn’t work out. Sawyer. Even off the Island it’s Sawyer. Even when he’s like a zillion miles away. Geesh! I think Kate was meeting with either Clementine or her mother for Sawyer, btw.

Hurley is bug nuts. He thinks they’re all dead. [Which has got to be pretty convincing with Charlie the ghost visiting every day and telling him future events [like Jack will visit so tell him he’s not supposed to raise him – him apparently being Aaron. According to Claire’s psychic [Season 1?] no one was supposed to raise Aaron but her. The psychic arranged for her to fly to LA to give the baby up for adoption, but it’s pretty clear now that he knew the flight would crash, she’d survive and the adoption would never happen].

And Jack [in the future] and Claire [on the Island] both get visited by the ghost of Christian Shepherd, their mutual daddy. Jack’s keeping him at by medically, for now. I think it’s pretty clear from the post trial comment in Kate’s flashforward about Jack needing to face who Aaron is and from Jack’s comment in this episode about Kate not even being related to Aaron [along with both of them seeing Christian] that Jack and Claire will find out they’re brother and sister before they leave the Island.

And then she’ll die.

Or Sawyer will save her. He’s getting awful protective of her there. Anybody see a Claire-Sawyer future or do we think this is just looking out for his dead buddy’s girl?

Miles can actually sense dead people [gruesome]. He noted that Claire didn’t go off alone. But WHERE is she? And why in Sam Hill did she leave her baby? Was she “spirited off”? Was it Smokie? Remember, the Smoke Monster was heavily involved in Eko’s visions. The false Yemi even said, “Why do you speak to me as if I’m you’re brother?” Do the ghosts and Smokie have something in common. Smokie tried to carry Locke off once [the crazy bald moron was screaming something like, Let it take me. It’ll be OK! when there’s NO indication it would have been]. Did something similar happen to Claire?

OK, WHY are we seeing dead people? All the time. And why are these ghosts so corporeal? How can they slap people and hold babies. Is this Limbo theory [dead people/ghosts exist out of time but occasionally escape Limbo to effect the timestream] all over again?

I think I know Claire’s destination. I think Christian is taking her to see jack.

Now I the teaser said that one survivor [clearly Locke] will see his fate. Given that the clips showd him talking to someone who’s definitely dead [that Dharma guy who gave Ben’s father a job on the Island, one the victims of Ben’s Purge and incidentally the only one we see Ben showing any emotion for [he closes the guy’s eyes]], I think they’re about to give him a preview of his future state. btw, These dead guys know they’re dead. This one knows he’s been dead for the past 17 years or whatever.

And I wouldn’t trust Charlotte for anything. It looks like she does get Sun off the Island, but she’s a snake lady. She’s sneaky and twisted in ways Juliet never dreamed of being.

Why did Jack’s appendix rupture? Why did Ben develop a tumor? Why didn’t the Island’s effects prevent these things? I think Rose is onto something. Locke’s paralysis has returned on occasion. The Island gives and takes away. Ergo the Island has intelligence. Is it Jacob? A collective of ghosts? Smokie?

Not enough data, but I really like the elegance of the Timeloop Theory at this point.

–Sirius Knott


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  1. dabinl10 says:

    great post.
    i have not watched the new episode yet,
    but this post makes me wanna watch it right now.
    would you mind if i quote some of your sentences for my own blog?

  2. Sirius says:

    Glad you liked it. And I wouldn’t mind at all.

    –Sirius Knott

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