Founder, Tony Breeden, alternate pic

  • Creation Cryptids: Heere Be Dragones – An exploration of the topic of dragon legends and relict dinosaurs with a specific emphasis on how this might verify the Bible’s implied claim that man and dinosaurs must have co-existed. Includes an overview of Cryptozoology from the Creationist POV. [ie.- “Creation Cryptozoology”]
  • The Creation Letter Project – Michael Zimmerman’s pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project boasts the signatures of nearly 12,000 Christian ministers who affirm that evolution is true while the Genesis revelation is merely a collection of teaching myths like Aesop’s fables. This presentation gives an overview of the history of and fallacies contained in the Clergy Letter, outlines how compromising the Bible with long ages undermines Scriptural authority and the foundational basis of the Gospel & introduces the Biblical Creationist response, the Creation Letter.
  • Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph – This workshop helps kids understand the dynamics of the worldwide Flood and answers questions about Noah’s Ark [as described in the Bible], including information on dinosaurs. Includes hands-on demonstrations.
  • How We Got Here… and Why It Matters – This one is based on my argument for a Biblical Creator from a debate with an atheist named unTheist on BlogTalkRadio. How We Got Here contrasts the evidence for design in cosmology, astronomy, geology, information science and biology with the dearth of support for evolution in these fields to show that Biblical 6-day Creation and Catastrophism really is the model that most consistently and comprehensively explains the world we observe around us.
  • In the Beginning… Big Bang or the Bible? – This presentation explores and compares Biblical cosmology with those proposed by scientists trying to explain the origin of the universe without God or His Word. Weaknesses of the Big Bang theory are discussed.
  • Evidence for a Young Universe – A straightforward survey of evidences from astronomy, geology, the fossil record and human history that point to a young universe and a young Earth. Fallacies of radiometric dating are discussed.
  • A Just Right Universe & the Intelligent Designer – A presentations on the theological implications of the anthropic principle, intelligent design theory and observable biology on evolutionary assumptions about the universe. Attention is paid to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and the concept of created kinds.

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