Lost: Michael’s back but where’s Walt?

Ok, Michael is back as freightie Kevin Johnson, but what’s happened in the meantime? And how long will he be with us this time?

According to an Associated Press article [http://www.daytondailynews.com/life/content/shared-gen/ap/TV/TV_Lost_Return.html?cxtype=rss&cxsvc=1&cxcat=0], Harold Perrineau has a few answers for us:

Did Michael ever make it back to New York? Yes.

Will Walt also be joining the show? Maybe.

Is Michael the guy in the coffin? He doesn’t know, though he admits that when he saw Jack’s flashforward [The Season 3 Finale], even he thought that Michael was in the coffin, but he’s not sure.

Now, one thing that the article reveals is that Michael is probably not who dies next [Lost teasers promise that someone will die in the March 20th episode], though I had speculated that they might only bring him back for an episode to give fans closure by wrapping up his storyline. It’s still possible he won’t last past this season, but filming for that episode is finished and Perrineau gives us the impression that Michael has a future on the show.

But where’s Walt? I think he’s dead.


Yes, dead. I was thinking about it when we saw Harper appear to Juliette in the jungle, complete with Whispers, and I started thinking about the fact that Walt has appeared to two characters before when they were near death. He appeared to Shannon to give her a message that was never quite clear shortly before she was accidentally shot to death by Anna-Lucia. He appeared to Locke after Ben shot John and left him for dead in a mass grave. I also started thinking about Charlie appearing to Hurley in Hurley’s flashforward and saying, “I am dead; I’m also here,” and the way he just appears and vanishes. Just like Walt and Harper. I think that for some people on the Island, being a ghost is a possibility. It would certainly make sense of the inclusion of freightie Miles as a “ghost whisperer.” It could also be that physical time-space travel ala the Rabbit 15 is being utilized, in which case Walt might not be dead.

I think we also need to hold forth the possibility of time-splicing. This theory is that while you are sitting there reading this, another pane of time-space is playing simultaneously, so that it’s possible for things from either time frame to accidentally enter the other. To illustrate, you’re in your living room and suddenly a saber-toothed tiger appears and pounces on you. The tiger is probably disoriented by the shift, so maybe you escape, but in all likelihood you’re too stunned to exit when you should have. Meanwhile, the tiger’s mate is sniffing your TV, wondering if its her dear hubby. You get the idea. This is accidental or random time splicing. It’s only a sci fi theory. If time splicing were utilized in Lost, it would likely be splicing from 2 different space-timelines, like Charlie dies in the Hydra/Charlie lives through the Hydra. In this case, Charlie from the alternate line could be transposed onto the current one after he’s already died.

 But I was talking about Walt. Will he return? Harold Perrineau says maybe. This may be why there’s been so much emphasis on how time and aging are different when one leaves the Island or comes back. Maybe they’re just trying to explain Walt’s sudden adolescence, eh?

 — Sirius Knott  

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  1. Sirius says:

    Blame it on Season 2. Lot’s of good theories went south thatnks to Season 2. We’ve been given all of these false leads, thanks to the obvious change-of-mind from the shows creators. Season 2 promised loads, but left red herrings all over the place.

    We’ve never been given an explanation for the giant 4-toed foot, the identity of Cavetown’s “Adam and Eve,” and all sorts of nonsense. Nor are we ever to get closure on these dropped plot points. Don’t get me started on how quickly they wiped out the Tailies. Thank goodness for Season 3. I was losing faith.

    Walt isn’t dead. He’s appeared twice to people on the Island: Shannon and Locke. I was trying to make his work with the other dead characters who have made appearnces on and off the Island. [I’m only assuming Goodwin’s wife is dead since we haven’t seen her except in flashbacks.]

    I forgot about Yemmi. Eko’s brother [and men he’d killed in a church] appeared to him right before he died. The black smoke was clearly involved in these scenes, most notably Eko’s death. At the end of Eko’s unrepentant confrontation with Yemmi, Yemmi says something like, “Why do you speak to me as if I were your bother?”

    Now on the Island I can explain it when people see dead people and folks who should be miles away. The black smoke monster can somehow read or scan your memories and it makes you see people [illusions] who aren’t actually there. It does this to accomplish the will of the Island.

    But how are the off-Island visitations accomplished, if it’s just an illusion? There’s no black smoke off Island that we know of. I suppose if it gets in your head and it can still transmit to those who’ve been to the Island…

    I dunno. Still working on this one.

    Darn you, Season 2!

    –Sirius Knott

  2. Emily says:

    Great theory! Yes, it is quite remarkable that all of the people who crashed on the island are still alive. I read some other theories about the island controlling everyone…don’t agree with those.

    Get this:
    I don’t think Walt is dead. Remember at Walt’s mom’s house, where Walt was reading that book about birds? And then his mom’s boyfriend looked out the window only to see the same bird as the one Walt was reading fly into the window?
    To support this, we see Walt’s would-be-dad telling Michael that he doesn’t want to take care of Walt. That Walt “makes things happen”.
    And in the tent with the “others” at the end of season 2, one of the ladies who were testing Walt asks Michael if Walt had ever showed up where he wasn’t supposed to be. This relates to Walt being sighted by Shannon and Syid.

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