Lost: Season 4 Finale Predictions: The Oceanic Six & Moving The Island

Update 5/29/08 Post Show:

1. I was right about the freighter. They blew it up.

2. I was right about Ben killing his daughter’s assassin, but wrong about how Ben got injured before he time travelled. I was alos wrong about Ben setting Locke up for a fall. Instead, he sets Locke up as the new leader of the Others!

3. Locke is in the coffin, so he will be dead in the future, going by the name Jeremy Bentham.

4. They moved the Island in both space and time, but where and when?


Tonight begins a much-anticipated and bittersweet event: This year’s Season Finale of Lost. And then the loooong wait until next season. And the knowledge that there are Only two more seasons until it all ends. At least we get three hours of straight Lost tonight.

OK, first comment: Does it seem odd to anyone else that almost no one is actually ON the Island now except the Oceanic Six and a few scant others? 

Everybody’s on the freighter. What will that do to these guys when Locke moves the Island? But wait. Sun’s on the freighter, right? I think she had the look of someone who is gonna abandon ship. I guarantee she will somehow land herself back on the Island and get picked up by that chopper. You see, I don’t think the freighter has anything to do with rescuing anybody. I think it’s a red herring. In fact, seeing as it’s set to blow if they move, it might be a vanishing set piece. The guys on the freighter may just be heading back to the Island after all. The survivors anyway. I think that the helicopter, in the air, will see the Island vanish and will make it to a charted Island somehwere, where Oceanic will be contacted and will take them in to civilization. I think maybe the Oceanic Six will see the freighter explode and might actually believe everyone is dead.

I also think Ben has only one reason to give himself up to the kill-crazy mercs. He wants to get close to the guy who killed his daughter so he can repay the favor. That’s just exactly how Ben’s twisted mind works. There will be a scuffle, as when Ben transports tom the desert he’s injured.

I also think that he’s made Locke think he’s the Island’s new mystery man, bowing out of going to Jacob’s cabin and implying that Locke made Hurley’s volunteering to go with them seem like Hugo’s idea [i.e. – that he was in Ben’s place, manipulating folks] because he does NOT want to pull the switch to move the Island. I think whoever moves the Island will suffer some pretty heinous effects, just as Desmond did when he turned the key in the Hatch.

I wonder if Locke will die, since he’s all Sixth Sense. He’s seeing dead people. Claire and Christian. Yes, Claire has gotta be dead. Miles couldn’t keep his eyes off her, but it was a really wary, freaked out look, not a Wow, is she, like, available? look. He offered to take the baby and he doesn’t seem the nurturing type. Oh and he was completely unconcerned that she walked off in the jungle with someone, presumably the equally dead Christian. She also just seems too giddy to be alive given that she’sseparated from Aaron. Possession is really the only other possibility.

Now how will they move the Island, geologically, chronologically or both? My favorite theory on the inaccessibility of the Island has to do with the idea of a time loop: that the Island has been sent back to a certain time and repeats the jump back EVERY 108 MINUTES to keep it hidden from Widmore. Or at least it did until Desmond blew the Hatch. Even if the Hatch is gone and a time loop is no longer possible [?], I think the Island will still be moved somewhere in time, but I’m not sure if that’s gonna be forward or backward. I also think that it’s gonna be moved physically to a new location to keep Widmore from simply watching a certain spot to find it.

–Sirius Knott


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  1. “I was alos wrong about Ben setting Locke up for a fall. Instead, he sets Locke up as the new leader of the Others!”

    Who is to say that isn’t a set-up? 🙂

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