Lost : The Oceanic Six & Who’s in the Coffin

Update 5/29/08:


Originally posted on 2/1/08. Changes since I wrote this post:


1. To be honest, I’m not sure my alternate timelines theory is holding water, but it’s still treading it. I just don’t have a more reasonable [read: pseudoscientific] explanation for the presenceof ghosts on this show. Guess I’ll have to work on it!


2. We now know that the Oceanic Six are lying to protect the other Island survivors [assuming that not all of the red shirts on the freighter went down to see Davey Jones, it’s really only a handful.]


3. We also know that Desmond probbaly told Charlie a lie when he told him he’d had a vision where Claire and Aaron got on a helicopter. 


4. We know who the Oceanic Six are: Jack, Sun, Sayid, Hurley, Kate & Aaron.


5. We now know that John Locke is in the coffin.




Before I begin, I thought the blasted recap show was just, well, annoying. It just told me stuff I already know instead of giving me more of what I want. In retrospect, I did learn one thing from it.


There was a line that ran something like: How can they trust the Island to heal their past when they don’t know what their future will be like? Something along that vein. I think this might be an important clue as to what we can expect from this season. Obviously, the flashforwards will show us what happens in the future along ONE POSSIBLE TIMELINE. What’s not fully certain is if the Oceanic Six are being shown a possible future or they’re actually in it. It could be illusion. Jacob’s house doesn’t seem to be stationary, after all, and Eko was seeing things toward the end as well. I’ve never fully discounted the idea that the polar bears were generated from Walt and/or Hurley’s mind. Yes, there were bears in the cages, but what kind? And did they swim from the Hydra Station isle to Lostie Island? While possible, the Flash comic book appearance seems too much of a coincidence on this Island to be pure coincidence.


Hurley’s flashforward comes with the notable appearance of Charlie who is “dead, but also here.” I believe he’s rather like the jeweler who spoke to Desmond and told him he wasn’t supposed to buy Penny an engagement ring. He’s Charlie from a different time line. The time line that goes right. A time line with better fashion choices for Charlie. It’s notable that both the jeweler and Charlie try to change matters by rhetoric [“You have to go back. They need you.” \\ “You change your mind. You don’t buy it.” ”History has a way of course correcting.”] rather than by direct action, like dragging Hurley onto a plane. Voluntary choice seems paramount, as if the person from another time is forbidden to act lest he leave an [extra] impression on alternate space/time. Or maybe they can’t do anything except speak. Perhaps, like Jacob, they are a bit like phantasms in the wrong timeline.  [BTW, does Locke being in direct communication with Jacob scare the crap out of anyone else? And, wow! Hurley can both hear AND see Jacob!] Charlie is alive, but not in the timeline that leads to Jack’s dark Future.


And who are the Oceanic Six? Aside from liars, I mean. I can’t these guys are lying about everyone else being dead. How did THAT happen? Anyway, we definitely got Hurley, Kate and Jack. Who else? If a certain drunken, semi-prophetic Scotsman wasn’t lying, he saw Claire and Aaron get on board the rescue helicopter. But was he lying? We never actually saw this flash, did we? We’re taking his word for it. And we know ol’ Let-Charlie-take-an-arrow-in-the-throat’s word is good as gold, right? But if Claire makes it, would Aaron count as one of the Six? Kate was getting back to someone in last season’s finale. Some say Sawyer, but frankly I can’t see our survivor leaving if he smells something off. His con man instincts would forbid it, even with Kate begging him. I think it’s more likely her husband, the cop she drugged and ran from. It’s probable she’d get all charges dropped under the circumstances [survivors sometimes do] and would have the chance to make a different life.


And is one of the Six in the coffin. It seems likely. One of the rescuers doesn’t seem likely. I thought about Juliette, but I ruled her out because Jack said the deceased is neither friend nor family. Also, the deceased died unmourned, which implies he or she had alienated all friends and family. The newspaper clipping Jack held in last season’s finale, which led him to the funeral, allegedly mentions a suicide of someone originally from New York. My bet, especially given the ethnicity of the funeral parlor neighborhood, is on Michael, who is slated to return this season. Walt was obviously my other choice, but it seemed out-of-character. If Walt remains on the Island, I could definitely see Michael losing it, alienating himself from everyone in his pain like before [both before the crash and on the Island after Walt was kidnapped] and finally killing himself.


As for other possible members of the Six, I think we can rule out Rose and Bernard, but the Korean couple would definitely have reason to want to flee an Island that kills pregnant women. I can Sayid leaving. Maybe. The question really comes back to whether Dez is lying about Claire getting on the rescue helicopter; if not, whether that vision of her getting on the helicopter also means she does in fact get rescued [and nothing else happens after the chopper ride to convince her to stay or prevent her from going back to the real world]; and whether Aaron counts as one of the Six or not. If Aaron counts and Desmond’s flash was real, that only leaves one spot open, which I think would keep the Koreans from going home. And I can’t see Hurley blocking their spot if they really wanted to go since it would likely result in death for momma. As for Locke… he’s not leaving that Island unless you drag him in chains. And that’s why I don’t think he’s in the coffin.




–Sirius Knott


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  1. Babs says:

    I found something really odd…maybe I’m just behind the times though. I googled DharmaInitiative and found a link that said…
    “Sawyer RIP”
    James Ford in in the box…
    The web address was http://www.dharmainitiative.com
    When I went there I found a strange picture with some apparent clues. It was a representation of cloning and at the center it said pDonor201EntryClone. At the top of the site where you would usually see the web address it simply said Landis. When I printed the page it came out with something else that you couldn’t see on the site. It said Sanctuary above the picture. Very odd…
    I googled Donor201 and found some interesting information about cloning. The picture is fuzzy and I could not make out too many other details. Please check this out, too.

  2. Sirius says:

    It refers to a cloned DNA strand. I haven’t had much time to research it fully, but I’m guessing it either refers to a virus cuasing the Island’s healing factor and/or the sickness Rousseau and a few Lost-related websites have mentioned [though the mess called Season Two seems to have eliminated the latter consideration from the plot line].

    — Sirius Knott

    And, yes, I hated Season Two.

  3. Sirius says:

    So Michael aka Kevin Johnson is on the freighter, as predicted. There are actually 2 ways he can make it off the Island and into that coffin: As one of the Oceanic Six or as one of 2 theoretical body bags.

    He was on the passenger manifest, so it would be easy for him to be one of the Oceanic Six. We now have Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Sun. Aaron possibly makes a sixth, but it’s unclear if he counts because he wasn’t born and therefore wasn’t on the manifest and it’s unclear if the media would count a baby in that moniker.

    In Kate’s flashforward, Jack mentions that there were initially 8 survivors, but only six make it off the Island ALIVE. If they bring back the bodies of those other two theoretical survivors, two others, like Juliette, Ben or even Michael could be stowaways hidden in the body bags.

    Of course, to make it into the coffin, Michael has to survive next weeks episode. Someone will die, we’re promised. Daniel Dae Kim had a DUI last October… We already know he’s not making it off the Island. But the Lost creators might only be bringing Michael back to give his character closure.

    –Sirius Knott

  4. clones says:

    when the plane crashed everyone was really killed an the fact is that they are all clones created by dharma and the people on the island were put there so nobody would discover the truth. so thats why ben didnt want none to leave the island. i’m guessing its probabl stupid

  5. Sirius says:

    Not stupid, but a bit unclear….

    Are you saying that everyone on Oceanic Flight 185 really died and that the Losties on the Island are really clones created by Dharma?

    Which people are you saying were put on the Island so that nobody would discover the truth? The Others? or the Losties?

    And do you mean the truth that they’re really clones and not actual survivors? [The people put on the Island would be the Others in this case]

    Interesting theory thus far.

    Too what end would they clone Oceanic Flight 185? And why not just “Purge” them all if anyone got too near the truth?

    — Sirius Knott

  6. Sirius says:

    OK, the Oceanic Six have been confirmed as Jack, Kate, Sun, Sayid, Hurley and Aaron.

    And now we have Michael aka Kevin Johnson onboard the freighter trying to kill everyone, but having been ratted out by Sayid. Is Michael in the coffin?

    Hmmm. If Friendly was telling the truth, the Island won’t let Michael kill himself no matter what methods he enlists, at least until he does whatever the Island wants him to do. How did the Island keep the gun from firing?

    How can he commit suicide to get into the coffin if the Island won’t let him [yet]?

    It’s an interesting problem. I’ll have to think on it.

    BTW, is he really seeing Libby, like Hurley saw Charlie and Juliette saw Goodwin’s wife? Do the Island dead speak?

    –Sirius Knott

  7. Peeg says:

    I don’t get this, but your right.

    How is Aaron a Oceanic Six? He was born on the Island. He wasn’t really on the plane (well maybe) but not in person. Idk. Little Confused.

  8. Dydh Da! says:

    Groups of 6 are sent via time travel to various points in time. There are more than 6 in the “Oceanic 6.” Very simple.

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