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  • January 2010 – WV Creation Science Fair Cancelled, Creation Sunday 2010, Calendar, On the Web

  • February/March 2010 – Creation Sunday 2010 Recap, Calendar, On the Web. New newsletter feature, A Ready Defense, debuts. A Ready Defense: Does Morality Evolve?

  • Summer 2010– Redeeming the Time, Bringing Noah to Life, Out of this World – 2010 Creation Space Camp, On the Web, A Ready Defense: Are Evolutionists Card Cheats?– Exposing the Myth of the Unbiased Scientist & How Natural Selection Produces Horizontal Changes Not Small Changes



  • August 2009 – is born, Creation Sunday 2010 info, 7th annual WV Creation Conference & more

  • October 2009 – What Other Are Saying About Us, Short article: They’re After the Children, WV Creation Science Fair

  • November 2009 – Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph, New Presentation: “How We Got Here” & more

  • December 2009 – Christmas & Creation Sunday, WV Creation Science Fair update

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