Christian Transhumanism’s Redemption Problem

The stated purpose of the Christian Transhumanist Association is “to participate with God in the redemption, reconciliation and renewal of the world,” however, much of the CTA leadership affirms and promotes Biologos and evolution. Christian Transhumanists should recognize that the foundational basis of those concepts is found in a literal, historical Genesis.

The Eschaton is Near

The Christian Tranhumanist Association speaks a lot about redemption.

For example, the CTA’s Executive Director Micah Redding quotes his Founding Chair, Christopher Benek, as saying:

“I don’t see Christ’s redemption limited to human beings. It’s redemption to all of creation, even AI. If AI is autonomous, then we should encourage it to participate in Christ’s redemptive purposes in the world… AI can help spread the word of God. In fact, AI might help us understand God better.”

Likewise, the CTA’s stated Purpose is:

Participating with God in the redemption, reconciliation, and renewal of the world.

The problem is that the CTA largely affirms long ages of microbes-to-man evolution. If you’ve ever a public high school science class, you know that the meaning of evolution is that death, mutation and suffering are as old as life. Man evolved from ape-like creatures but the world we live in has pretty much…

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