What’s Wrong With Church

Sorry to disappoint, but the posts in this section of my blog aren’t dedicated to church-bashing.

To the contrary, I mean to explore what I feel is wrong with church because I’m an optimist: I think these things can and should be changed, especially if the church is truly the ground and pillar of truth. If we are to be Christians [“little Christs”] and walk in His steps, we ought to find burning within our hearts the same zeal for God’s house displayed by our Lord Jesus when he drove the moneychangers from the Temple. And you can’t fix the problems if you won’t admit they’re there.

Much of what I’ll be commenting on will involve how the traditions of man oftentimes trump the commandments of God within churches.

If you have a possible suggestion for a blog topic, please email me at siriusknott@yahoo.com.


Building God’s House – A prelude to the What’s Wrong With Church series.

  1. I am
  2. No Children Allowed
  3. Televangelists! Televangelists! Televangelists!
  4. I Call Them “Special People” Cults
  5. Whatever Happened To Congregational Singing?
  6. It Should Be Considered a SIN to Make the Living Word of God BORING or TEDIOUS!!!
  7. Everybody has a right to their own opinion, right?
  8. Fellowship in Neat Little Rows
  9. The Edifice Complex
  10. Sunday School Syndrome

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