Are Millions of Americans Being Abducted by Aliens?

In the trailer for the film version of the Amazon bestseller, Alien Intrusion, author Gary Bates notes that the 2002 “Roper Poll concluded that up to 4 million Americans have been abducted by aliens.”

On the Alien Intrusion Film’s website, we find the same claim:

“[O]ne poll concluded that up to 20 million Americans had seen a UFO and possibly 4 million claimed to have been abducted by aliens. Such statistics are shocking, even to many Christians who are simply not aware.

Gary says:

“I cannot confirm if those poll numbers are correct, but I can say for sure that literally hundreds of people have contacted me, or turned up at my speaking events to share their experiences. There is no question that something is happening to these people, but the big question is always, ‘Is it really aliens? Are these entities who they claim to be?’


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