Why Am I Duct Taped To A Kitchen Chair?? Find Out Monday!

Why am I duct taped to a kitchen chair? You can find out for yourself November 26 & 27, 2012!

Starting Cyber Monday, November 26, 2012, the action-packed sci-fi novel Johnny Came Home by Tony Breeden will be available for FREE to Kindle users through Amazon.com. Once you read it, you’ll understand why I would allow someone to duct tape me to a kitchen chair just to get your attention for this little promotion.

Here’s what early reviewers are saying about Johnny Came Home:

  • “This was an awesome book with a mixture of action and personal relationships. It included sound biblical truths without being preachy. It definitely leaves you wanting a followup. The characters are well rounded and believable. Tony has a unique writing style that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I couldn’t put it down!” -“Lady Ace” (Amazon review)
  • “I hope Tony Breeden hooks up with a graphic artist to make a graphic novelization of Johnny Came Home. But sparing that, I hope the [subtitle] “(A John Lazarus Adventure)” means a sequel is coming, or better yet, a series. Johnny Came Home is a delightful read with many plot twists and surprises. Breeden so brings it home!” – GK Powderly Jr, author of The Windows of Heaven series. (Amazon review)
  • Johnny Came Home by Tony Breeden is an action-packed story full of surprises. The action, once it begins, is almost non-stop all the way to the end of the book. You won’t want to put it down…” – Pastor Buddy Helms, author of Mike’s New Reality (Amazon review)
  • “This is an action packed novel, the action starts near the beginning and never lets up, and continues to ramp up in intensity as it draws towards its finale. And it is a most enjoyable ride, I found it difficult to put down, wondering how on earth the characters would overcome the seemingly invincible agents of Pandora. The author explores the concepts of the unmapped areas of the human brain/mind. What if we could use other areas of the 90% or so of our minds? Could we develop X-Men style abilities? Would we in fact still even be human? Is survival of the fittest justifiable amongst humans? These last two questions are examined in the light of solid Biblical teachings which are an integral part of the story (not preaching), giving us a quantifiable yardstick to measure them against.” – Peter R Stone, author of A Knight from Dein (Amazon review)

This edition of Johnny Came Home has been revised and corrected and now includes a Sneak Peek at the thrilling sequel, John Lazarus: Mann from Midwich. So even if you already have this book on Kindle, get your updated copy on me. In fact, gift one to someone else as an early Christmas present!

To get your free copy of Johnny Came Home on Kindle, just follow this link on November 26 and 27th and download: http://www.amazon.com/Johnny-Came-Lazarus-Adventure-ebook/dp/B009K51P8C/. If you like it, consider leaving a review on Amazon to let everyone else know too!


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