Creation Cryptids: Why Bigfoot isn’t the Missing Link

There’s no such thing as a missing link, unless we’re talking about synapses that ought to be firing somewhere inside that tiny grey area which presumably exists somewhere deep within a Darwinist’s thick skull!

“What about cavemen?” It’s one of the most common questions asked of creation speakers. There are two short answers.

[A] Yes, men have lived in caves. After Babel, man dispersed each according to his new language. Some lived in caves during the Ice Age that followed the Deluge. Some Flood legends even mention people living in caves as they traveled to their eventual homeland.

[B] If by “cave man” you really mean ape-man, they’ve never existed outside of textbook illustrations, museum exhibits and the fertile imaginations of evolutionists [& Hollywood!]

The Missing Link as described by Haeckel

Ernst Haeckel, the self-same promoter of those fudged embryo drawings that were supposed to demonstrate that “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,” was among the first to describe the proposed ape-man:

“The form of their skull was probably very long, with slanting teeth; their hair woolly; the color of their skin dark; … The hair covering…was probably thicker…; their arms comparatively longer and stronger; their legs, on the other hand, knock-kneed, shorter and thinner, with entirely under-developed calves; their walk but half-erect” [Haeckel, 1868, In McCown & Kennedy, 1972, p. 143]

Since then, they’ve set out to find what they expect. Despite evolution hopes and claims, all ape-men have been true apes, true humans, mistakes or outright frauds! A few examples should suffice to illustrate this point.

Eoanthropus [the “Dawn Man”], who appeared in textbooks for decades, is better known as a deliberate hoax, Piltdown Man. Shamefully, someone put a human skull and an ape jaw together, filed down the ape teeth to make them seem more human and stained the whole forgery to make it appear ancient.

Hesperopithecus [“Western Ape”], better known as Nebraska Man, was used famously as evidence in the Scopes Monkey Trial. Though Clarence Darrow and his expert witness affirmed that an entire race of men had lived in Nebraska a million years prior, the entire evidence for his existence was a single tooth. And not even a man’s tooth, as it was later found, but rather a peccary [an extinct pig]!

Similarly, Ramapithecus was only bits of jaw and teeth; though hailed as a missing link between man and ape, he’s now recognized as an extinct ape. Austrolopithecus, more famously known as “Lucy,” has some “human-like” features, but is mostly apish. Charles Oxnard has classified it as a unique form of extinct ape with no direct lineage to man.

At one time, Cro-magnon Man and Neandertals were hailed as ape-men, but DNA evidence and comparisons of cranial capacity have confirmed that they were simply men. Homo erectus also turned out to be fully human, though of a smaller brain size and stature.

We could go further down the list of proposed ape-men candidates, but in the end we still find that apes are apes. Men are men. If Bigfoot is ever found, it will be one or the other. Christian author, Frank Peretti has suggested such a solution in his fiction work, Monster, which I highly reccomend.

But to clarify, if Bigfoot is ever found, it will certainly be found to be one of the following two possibilities:

1. A species of relict or unknown primate. Gigantopithecus has been suggested by some cryptozoologists, though the fragmentary nature of these fossils [essentially jawbones and teeth] makes this purest speculation. Nevertheless, some large species of unidentified relict ape or orangutan remains a viable possibility.  The cryptid ape option Frank Peretti explored in Monster. [Gripping. Read it if you get the chance.]  Incidentally, Bigfoot [technically being indigenous only to North America, though the term is often used generically to include Yeti, Yowie and other primate cryptids] is sometimes refered to as a Nape [“North American Ape”]].

2. They could be degenerated wild men, but fully human. Neandertal comes to mind. Neandertal is usually pictured as a knuckle-dragging missing link, but as mentioned already even evolutionary scientists have recanted this and now admit that Neandertal stood upright and was a man and no ape or missing link. In fact, Neandertal was every bit as smart as we are, if their skull size is any indication.

Admittedly, I lean toward the relict ape hypothesis, but some form of degenerated man especially Neandertal man also presents an intriguing and satisfying solution. Interestingly, Nick Saint in his book Fossils That Speak Out has suggested that comparisons of their respective skulls reveal Aborigines as probable living Neandertaloids. It is noted that the Aborigines of Australia did not fish or make fire when Europeans first came across them in Tasmania, so much so that they were considered to be a lost Stone Age people by evolutionists. Sadly, it’s been documented that an evolutionary belief that the Aborigines were the “missing link” resulted in perhaps 10,000 human remains were shipped to British museums as specimens. Much of these specimens were the work of grave robbers, but “fresh” specimens were obtained by simple murder – all in an insane attempt to build a case of their being the missing link. Edward Ramsay, curator of the Australian Museum [Sydney], even published a booklet for the museum, explaining how to rob graves for specimens and how to plug bullet holes in “fresh” allegedly sub-human specimens. All in the name of Darwin, whose theory is inherently racist, suggesting that some ethnicities are more or less evolved than others, though evos downplay this obvious and damning inference of the evolutionary paradigm. And of course Aborigines turned out to be another failed missing link candidate after all. Archaeologists have inferred that they were catching and eating fish until some time before white men arrived, but had lost that knowledge recently. It is also acknowledged [and demonstrated] that Aborigines do not lack mental aptitude when compared to other ethnicities when given comparable education, but are simply culturally degenerated.  

But Bigfoot [nor any other primate cryptid] will most certainly never be found to be the so-called missing link, for no such thing exists or ever has!

-Sirius Knott

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  1. Love your site, love your topics and love the Bigfoot theories. At we appreciate you ability to remain pure in your beliefs while being open to possibilities within that belief. keep up the good work, we salute you!

  2. Sirius says:

    A note to my readers: [and I just adore the name of this group alone] was kind enough to feature my dual Creationist Bigfoot theories in a recent blog post:

    Thank you,!

    -Sirius Knott

  3. blotter says:

    (Originally posted on Bigfoot Lunch Club)
    Mr. Knot obviously believes very strongly in creationism and it is refreshing to see such a Christian open to the idea that Bigfoot could exist. Unfortunately, his writing is laced with anti-Darwinist rhetoric, limiting his unoffended audience to other creationists.

    We have made evolution and creation unnecessarily, diametrically opposed. The bible doesn’t say “how” God created everything, just “that” He did. Other than the 6/24-hour-day literalists, everyone can marvel together on what happened after the Big and/or Divine Bang.

    To the literalist, I say, your strong beliefs are invaluable. The Christian faith, Bigfoot Lunch Club, and the world at large, needs people, like you, that believe with such earnest. But don’t limit God to only what the modern human mind can understand. Is your God powerful enough to create the entire universe and everything on Earth, in 6/24 hour days, through something resembling the cosmic events and evolution espoused by scientists today? God’s omnipotence answers the question.

    So why argue over details that don’t threaten your beliefs? Why isolate yourself and your faith from your secular neighbors? Who do you think benefits from such conflict and isolation? Who is always looking for ways to divide and isolate the church? Don’t help that dude…he’s trouble.

    1. Interesting comment.

      I’ve allowed it to be printed here in order to show my readers how intolerant evolution enforcement advocates can be.

      I also wanted to point out that he uses a fairly common and false argument that evolution [a purely naturalistic process whereby life develops without the need for God] and creation [whereby life comes about by the direct action or fiat of God] are not diametrically opposed. Even in defining the terms [something an evolutionist will rarely do precisely because it so effectively destroys his own argument], it becomes obvious that evolution and creation are indeed diametrically opposed.

      He also uses another fallacious argument, that we somehow limit God by taking him at His Word rather than by doubting it and allegorizing it. I say, don’t limit God to natural revelation, especially since it has now been largely interpreted by a philosophy that demands that all questions have natural explanations. As I’ve explained many times, if God exists and He has done something, purposely ignoring the possibility of Intelligent Design will lead to the wrong answers. Special revelation [the Bible] gives us the pieces to the puzzle we might not otherwise discover. Don’t limit God to only what the modern human mind can understand when He’s revealed how it happened in His Word.

      Now to the question of God’s omnipotence, He surely can do anything. Augustine was so convinced of this that he disbelived the Creation Week in favor of a single moment of instantaneous creation. Augustine and modern science needs to have the humility to comprehend that God’s omnbipotence does indeed mean that He can do anything – even create the universe in just six days, even correctly reveal that He did so. It is hubris to give lip service to God’s power to create the universe “something resembling cosmic events and evolution espoused by scientists today” while denying His ability to correctly reveal in what timeframe He did so.

      And there’s the rub of it. They always object that the Bible doesn’t say how God created, but they ignore the fact that He explicitly informed us how long it took [which timeframe makes cosmic and biological evolution a certain impossibility]

      Essentially he’s said it’s great that I’m a Creationist who is open to the possibility of Bigfoot’s existence, but kindly keep my Creationist views to myself.

      Intolerance casting me as intolerant for daring to disagree with him.

      Think about it.

      1. gl says:

        Actually, although you describe “blotter” as being intolerant, he is much more polite and respectful of you than you are of him. From the beginning of this post you are rude and insulting to anyone who disagrees with you. I commend “blotter” for learning from Christ’s example and treating others with respect. I would like to be able to commend you for the same thing, but clearly that would be a misplaced compliment.

        On a side note, if you are going to spend all of this time writing about evolution, you should first take a little time to understand how the theory of evolution actually works. I don’t think that you completely understand the concept.

        You should also understand that evolutionary theory has changed considerably as more and more evidence is discovered. In the future, before posting, perhaps you could research current evolutionary theory. You would then see that Ernst Haeckel’s theories were dismissed long ago, and that Neanderthals were neither men nor apes but a distinct lineage.

      2. gl,

        You made multiple drive-by posts in one day, so I’m really going to have you to refer to the Rules of Engagement if you wish to comment in the future. I have amply demonstrated that I do in fact understand the theory of fish-to-philosopher evolution and how it allegedly works. I am aware that the theory has changed quite a bit and that Ernst Haeckel’s theory has been discredited; unfortunately, some U. S. textbooks still include Haeckel’s embryos as evidence for evolution!

        As to the charge of rudeness, I never insulted blotter. I simply pointed out that he used two all-too-commonplace but fallacious arguments and I showed why they were logically in error. If it’s rude and insulting to point out where someone is wrong then you are guilty by your own standard and thus your standard is self-defeating. I should also note that if we are following Christ’s example, there might be situational occasion for insult, as I note in the post Are Christians Too Nice?

        A final note: Your assertion about Neanderthal is in dispute. There is now genomic evidence which strongly suggests that Neaderthals and Homo sapiens interbred, leaving pieces of Neandertal DNA in the Homo sapiens code. According to the rules of biology, two different species cannot produce fertile offspring; therefore, Neaderthal would properly be a subspecies of human and should be identified as Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.


  4. Nancy Gorman says:

    I am also a Christian who believes in the Creator. In the 40′s, Albert Ostman was kidnapped by a family of them. He did not lie about it because he made no money on the story and was ridiculed all his life for it. In the account it reveals a people with hair, not an animal. These people were communicating with each other with words, they collected plants to eat, wove blankets out of bark and moss and never wasted time. After reading this account, I thought maybe this people hid themselves because of their appearance and lived among the wild and became more wild as time went on. If you read Dr. Caroline Leaf’s books on the brain you will find how “what you think in your heart so are you”. There is scientific evidence to the fact that to a certain extent your brain can change your body. She says our brain is wired for love and if we do not have love our brain can literally effect our DNA. She says fear is the opposite of love. If fear was in this hairy, large people, and they hid themselves from their enemy for years, it could cause their body over time to get more and more deformed. I am not talking about evolution I am talking about natural change. My daughter who kept sitting a certain way at the computer for years has a deformed rib cage. With exercise it is changing. But I think if these people are still afraid of us… maybe we can begin to try to love them and communicate Christ to them. That is my hope.

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