Defending Genesis Newsletter – November ’09 Web Edition

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Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph 

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to give our Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph presentation to two groups of young people: a home school co-op and a local church youth group [United Gospel Mission, Charleston, WV]. It’s always exciting to give people – especially young people who’ve never heard this information before! – the truth of Biblical history. We’re honored to be able to show others the feasibility of the Ark as described in the Bible and demonstrate that there is reasonable evidence for the reliability of God’s revealed Word!

Kids and teens have lots of questions. Some of the questions they’ve asked me include:

  • Were there shArks on the Ark?
  • Were dinosaurs on the Ark?
  • How could dinosaurs fit on the Ark?
  • Why didn’t all of the lions and tigers and T-rexes [oh my!] eat everybody on the Ark?
  • How many people were on board the Ark?

Their questions are relentless and they aren’t at all afraid to ask. A lot of times the Question & Answer session after the presentation feels more like an Inquisition!

But you know what? They deserve to be answered. They deserve to know that they can trust the Bible from cover to cover. When they discover that they can trust what the Bible says about Genesis, the most attacked and questioned book of God’s inerrant Word, then they know they can trust the Bible in anything it says, like the Gospel.

Too often, we avoid the tough questions. With the best of intentions we give our children disconnected Bible stories with cute moral lessons and Biblically inaccurate coloring pages. All the while, public schools are giving them history and science – with a big dose of evolution and millions of years! Many of our children grow to be adults who reject the Bible because they are comparing Sunday School stories to science class textbooks. They remember the happy, singing, mostly crowded bathtub toy of an Ark they were shown in Sunday School and it is this pervasively inaccurate picture of Noah’s Ark that they compare with the much more scientific sounding evolutionary fairy tale. If they’d only been given an image of the real Ark as described in the Bible! Many also reject the Bible because they were never given answers to their questions in church. So they go answers elsewhere from people who painted the Bible as a moralizing pre-scientific myth. It is high time we armed our children with a reasonable faith. It’s time we began answering their questions. Don’t be afraid or worried; God can handle the questions.

Incidentally, the answers to those five questions about the Ark that we gave you at the beginning of this newsletter can be found at Just look for the new Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph link at the top of our homepage.

How We Got Here

I also wanted to tell you about one of my newer presentations: How We Got Here… and Why It Matters. This one is based on my argument for a Biblical Creator from a debate with an atheist named unTheist on BlogTalkRadio. How We Got Here contrasts the evidence for design in cosmology, astronomy, geology, information science and biology with the dearth of support for evolution in these fields to show that Biblical 6-day Creation and Catastrophism really is the model that most consistently and comprehensively explains the world we observe around us.

A full list of presentations with brief descriptions can be found at in the About Us section.

Past Articles on Defending

And just in case you missed anything lately, there have been a lot of great articles on the site lately, including our take on the Mayan “Doomsday” Calendar, evidence for a 6 day Creation, whether Creationism is too divisive, whether much or anything depends on evolution and much more. See all of our past month’s articles  in the Archives.

Continue to pray that God will give us wisdom, creativity ad opportunities!

*Rev Tony Breeden
*Join the Creation Sunday Network at & don’t forget to sign the Creation Letter at affirming a Biblical 6-day Creation and a worldwide Noachim Flood! 

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