Alien Salvation: Answering A Cartoon Argument Against ETs

Dan Lietha (Answers in Genesis) argues that alien life is both illogical and unbiblical; however it turns out that his Cartoon Argument against ET is “Most Illogical!” In fact, this short animation by Answers in Genesis is filled with commonly used logical fallacies

It sounds like an old joke:

“Superman, Chewbacca and Spock walk into a bar…”

Except in this case, it’s a cartoon strip by fellow creationist Dan Lietha, so no bar… and Superman’s reading the Bible.

The animated strip ostensibly seeks to answer the question: “Is the Idea of Alien Life in Outer Space Biblical?”

Fair point. If extraterrestrials exist, God made them and they were subjected to the effects of the Fall.

It’s where this animated strip goes next that makes me shake my head.

Okay, let’s ignore the fact for the moment that Spock is half human and that, as a result, he would certainly be included as one of Adam’s descendants (seriously, do your homework next time, Lietha).

A couple of things come into play here as assumptions, the most important of which is that these fictional aliens are equivalent to any potential extraterrestrial biological entities  (EBEs)…

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