Answers for Extraterrestrials: Why You Don’t Have To Choose Between Aliens and the Bible

Ever since the publication ofStrangers and Aliens, I have been watching a slow motion train wreck taking place. Ironically, it’s taking place in the trainyard of Biblical Christianity. And it doesn’t have to happen.

The Bible is silent on the subject of extraterrestrials, which means the question of whether they exist or not is still very much open. Some have suggested that “Biblical principles” make it clear that aliens do not exist, but these arguments have all proven to be built upon logical fallacies. Truth cannot be built upon error.

It would be one thing to.suggest that you find the possibility of alien life unlikely or improbable. It is unwise to be dogmatic about things that the Bible is silent on.

Yet this is exactly what is happening in Biblical Christianity. David Weintraub assessed how different religious traditions might react to the possibility of extraterrestrial life in his…

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  1. Dalejennings says:

    I find it bizarre the the argument should take place a all.
    On the computer some time back they had an artist drawing of the planets, drawn in a straight line, to infinity, with moons, as I recall., there were no Suns similar to ours.
    They don’t exist, in our World, if they did it would be different, the atmospheres would be deadly to us as would ours to them.
    God did a ‘One off’ here.
    God is the one here to be concerned about, not ‘Boogers’

    1. Tony Breeden says:

      My point us that even if aliens do exist, the Bible would stand, even if some conservative Christian leaders teach otherwise.

      With all due respect, given the present limits of our knowledge your assessment that alien life does not exist requires either omniscience or supernatural revelation; inarguably you lack the former and the Bible is silent on this subject, meaning you lack the latter as well.

  2. Dalejennings says:

    We will both, know the truth, in time.

  3. Ray says:

    I get these in my email, and I read them, and I truly wish you would state YOU believe the Bible is silent on life beyond Earth because, as I have mentioned commenting on other posts, millions of Bible believing Christians see the Bible IS NOT silent on the subject. At the very least, angels exist beyond this Earth. They are the ultimate ET’s, coming and going as they please, or are directed from the Throne, are shape-shifters, for all intents and purposes, thereby communicating with mankind who knows how regularly. Students of Scripture see the Bible alluding to life besides angels, as well. You making dogmatic statements about what the Bible does not teach is really no different then others with their dogmatism about what it does. As far as believers like myself are concerned, you are both wrong. And yes, we will certainly find out for sure soon enough the way things are stacking up on the planet. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

    1. Tony Breeden says:

      When I say the Bible is silent on the subject of alien life I mean thst no verse explicitly addresses the subject. Indirectly, we can note that if aliens exist, they were created by God and were subjected to the universal effects of Adam’s sin, as are all creatures.

      Angels may exist beyond this Earth, but they differ from proposed extraterrestrial biological entities in many respects:

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