CreationWiki: Aliens Would Cause Believers to Abandon the Bible

CreationWiki’s Extraterrestrial Life article claims that the discovery of alien life would result in mass apostasy but statistics don’t really bear this fear mongering idea out

“We can safely say however, that if alien spaceships in fact landed on Earth… the reality of alien interaction would be undeniable to all those who dwell on earth. At this point, wewould expect all Bible believers to set their Bibles aside and never give God a second thought.”

The preceding quote is from theExtraterrestrial Lifearticle on CreationWiki. Even as Wiki articles go, it’s really bad. I stumbled upon it during my research forStrangers and Aliens. By the time I got to the second paragraph, I knew the article was going off the rails.

The very first thing it does is set up a straw man argument that a belief in the possibility of alien life is only plausible if one believes in microbes-to-man evolution, and that an anti-alien view of the cosmos is THE Biblical Viewon the subject:

“An important note…

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