Aliens Won’t Eat Us & Other Evolutionary Assumptions About Extraterrestrials

A new book of essays edited by Jim Al-Khalili aims to give insight on aliens, space exploration, transhumanism, robot overlords and a whole host of other related subjects to a public saturated with misinformation and misunderstanding resulting from sci-fi tropes. A articleby Sarah Begley looked at 5 of the myths thatAliens: The World’s Leading Scientists on the Search for Extraterrestrial Lifeseeks to correct. Unfortunately as I looked at their proposed truths, I realized that their evolutionary assumptions led to a few false conclusions.

MYTH NO. 1: Aliens would eat us

Here Begley cites astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell:

“In order for aliens to get nourishment from eating us, their bodies would have to be capable of processing our molecules (like amino acids and sugars). And that requires having a similar biochemistry–a long shot for a species that hails from a different world.”

The trouble with this assumption…

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