Update: Rev Tony Breeden’s Summer Calendar

I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on my up-coming schedule. It tends to fill up pretty quickly!

Check out our new Ministry Calendar for further details.

Friday, July 16 @ 6:30 pm – God’s Lighthouse Church’s Summer VBS Program. 4151 West Washington St. Charleston, WV. Pastor: Mayford Witt.

I’ll be presenting Noah’s Ark: Beyond Flannelgraph, answering questions about the Ark, the Biblical Flood and Dinosaurs! This presentation has become very popular with both kids and adults. In fact, we’ve begun answering actual questions we’ve fielded at our presentations at Check it out, especially if you have questions you’d like to see answered there!

Monday, July 19th thru Friday, July 23rd @ 6:00 pmEmmanuel Baptist Church [1401 West Washington St. Charleston, WV] Pastor: Ron Stoner. A Noah’s Ark VBS program co-jointly presented by Emmanual Baptist and Gateway Church [South Charleston, WV]

I’m very excited about this Bible-based Noah’s Ark VBS project. Children will have a live presentation from Noah each night, games, songs, crafts and food. I’ll be at one of the stalls inside the Ark set being built inside Emmanuel Baptist’s sanctuary, where kids will have the opportunity to make their own fossils and learn about dinosaurs.

Friday, August 6th & Saturday, August 7th. The 8th Annual WV Creation Conference [See for full conference schedule] Rock Branch Independent Church [Nitro, WV]

This will be my second appearance at the annual WV Creation Conference, presented each year by the Kanawha Creation Science Group, This year, I will be giving two presentations:

Friday, August 6th [Evening Session] @ 7:45 pm – How We Got Here & Why It Matters: This one is based on my argument for a Biblical Creator from a debate with an atheist named unTheist on BlogTalkRadio. How We Got Here contrasts the evidence for design in cosmology, astronomy, geology, information science and biology with the dearth of support for evolution in these fields to show that Biblical 6-day Creation and Catastrophism really is the model that most consistently and comprehensively explains the world we observe around us.

Saturday, August 7th [Morning Session] @ 11:00 am – Textbook Lies: Explores various alleged proofs and assumptions consistently presented in public school textbooks to indoctrinate our children in the lie of evolution.

 If you’d like to schedule me to speak or preach at your church, youth group, VBS, camp or revival, call me at 304-993-4792 or email me at More of my Presentation can be seen HERE.

Rev. Tony Breeden

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