Evolutionary Fictions: On Plot Holes, Deus ex Machina and Other Crimes Against Fiction

If you hate it when there are plot holes and deus ex machine in your science fiction, maybe you should reconsider your stance on accepting the all-natural just so story of deep time and microbes-to-man evolution.


What’s Hell Like?

“What’s hell like?” my oldest child asked me, pretty much destroying every cheery thought I’d been having as I drove the road to home. Kids are full of questions. I answered as simply as I could, which [fortunately] is a habit for me. “It’s a bad place. It’s full of flames, because it’s a place of punishment; […]

Why Using the R-Word Says More About You Than A Person With Disabilities

Today is Spread the Word to End the Word day, an annual day of awareness to help folks understand that using the R-word (retard) as an insult is just as offensive as a racial slur. So we need to stop using it. Let’s face it: A lot of people use the word and don’t think […]

An Age of Credulity: Two More Drive-By Posts About the Ark Encounter Parrot the Same Old Lies

 You know, I keep hearing that science is about facts and religion is about belief, so why is it that evolutionists cannot seem to get the facts about creationism right? Why don’t they bother to investigate and understand what they so vehemently oppose? Instead they repeat the same half-comprehended [or in some cases, just plain […]

Examining Tegmark’s “Belief Gap”: 47% of US Population Believes in Creation But Only 11% Belong To A Religion Which Openly Rejects Evolution

Examining Tegmark’s “Belief Gap”: 47% of US Population Believes in Creation But Only 11% Belong To A Religion Which Openly Rejects Evolution MIT physicist Max Tegmark reported on a survey he conduced with Eugena Lee and Meia Chita-Tegmark, The MIT Survey on Science, Religion, and Origins: the Belief Gap. Although almost half of Americans, 46 […]

Question Evolution Day

Question Evolution Day Microbes-to-man evolution is taught with uncritical authority in our public schools. In the name of being secular (which they erroneously suppose precludes bias or favortism), our students are taught an all-natural history of the universe… and are then told not to question it! As I explained to Zack Kopplin, a student who has […]


On the Compatibility of Christian Faith & Evolution: Which Atheist is Lying To Us?

This weekend, atheist Dr. Michael Zimmerman is once again encouraging churches to preach Darwin from their pulpits. He claims that his Clergy Letter Project, signed by over 12,000 members of predominantly liberal clergy, shows that evolution and Christianity are compatible so long as we define religious truth as dealing with doctrine and morality and scientific […]


Charleston/Huntington, WV Ranks #10 of Bible-Minded Cities Across America… But What Does That Mean?

According to, Charleston/Huntington, WV ranks #10 of America’s Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities, with 47% of the population qualifying as Bible-minded. This compares to the Most Bible-Minded city, Knoxville, TN [52%] and the Least Bible-minded, Providence, RI [9%]. The most Bible-minded cities tended to be from the South, while the least tended to be […]

Press Release: Benefit Sing for Carla Allison at Mount Vernon Baptist Church on Jan 26th

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tony Breeden, Event Coordinator 304-993-4792 / Hurricane, WV — A benefit sing will be held for Carla Allison on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 6:00 PM at Mount Vernon Baptist Church. This event features a powerful line-up of talented local vocalists, including event host Tony Breeden, Elisha Conn, Elizabeth Yeager Cross, Eric […]