Evolution versus Christianity: Why You Really Do Have to Choose

I once said God could have used evolution and that we had to allow for long ages in the days of the Creation Week. The following excerpt from my book, Defending Genesis: How We Got Here & Why It Maters, explains my dilemma at that point and why we really do have to choose between the authority of God’s Word and the claims of men who’ve interpreted the evidence by science chained to pure naturalism, despite claims to the contrary by Michael Zimmerman and BioLogos.

What Christmas Means and Why I Hope Bart Ehrman Gets It Someday

A recent Newsweek cover [Dec. 17, 2012] pictures the Nativity and claims that Bart Ehrman will answer such questions as “Who was Jesus? Did he have a wife? How many wise men were there? Why Bethlemhem? In a manger or a cave?” Unfortunately, the cover is referring to an article inside called “The Myths of Jesus.” In…

Deflating Dobzhansky’s Grand Assumption, or Why Microevolution Does Not Lead To Macroevolution

Textbooks and Evo-evangelists still claim that small observable microevolutionary changes lead to big macroevolutionary changes. Some even think that Creationists made up the terms micro- and macroevolution to confuse folks but the distiction was actually recognized by evolutionists like Theodosius Dobzhansky [poor Mr. Hurd]! But the truth is that observable processes like Natural Selection and speciation can produce horizontal changes within kinds of animals but cannot satisfy the requirements of the assumptions of vertical microbes-to-man macroevolution. Which is pretty sad, since that’s what we teach our children!

Darwin’s Dyke: What the Fossil Record Actually Shows

How many times have you heard this? “The fossil record proves evolution!” It doesn’t. Let me tell you why. Hey, I’ll even show you. What the Geological Strata Charts don’t tell you. Now, the picture we’re usually given to illustrate how evolution is demonstrated shows a cross-section of geological strata and some corresponding text to…

No Arguments Here

This post has been merged into Darwin’s Dyke, posts that explore the weaknesses of Darwinism. I recently read  someone’s claim [as borrowed from Stephen Jay Gould] that evolution is both a fact and a theory. The article concluded by saying: “No evolutionary scientist questions whether evolution (in any of the senses mentioned) occurs and has occurred. The actual…