So Much Depends on Evolution?

“So much depends on evolution,” claims, a website showcasing the University of Pennsylvania and the Penn Museum’s intent to make a year-long celebration of Darwinism. The claim is common to Darwinist polemics, so it’ll be useful to critique the claims of the site. First, we should ask, What actually depends on evolution? Well, that…

Deflating Dobzhansky’s Grand Assumption, or Why Microevolution Does Not Lead To Macroevolution

Textbooks and Evo-evangelists still claim that small observable microevolutionary changes lead to big macroevolutionary changes. Some even think that Creationists made up the terms micro- and macroevolution to confuse folks but the distiction was actually recognized by evolutionists like Theodosius Dobzhansky [poor Mr. Hurd]! But the truth is that observable processes like Natural Selection and speciation can produce horizontal changes within kinds of animals but cannot satisfy the requirements of the assumptions of vertical microbes-to-man macroevolution. Which is pretty sad, since that’s what we teach our children!