Harold Camping’s May 21st Doomsday Extravaganza!

Harold Camping has predicted that Christ will return on Saturday, May 21, 2011 and – because that’s just not BIG enough, I suppose – there will be massive earthquakes around the world! That’s right, he’s predicting a doubleheader: the Rapture and Judgment Day all rolled into one – a veritable Doomsday Extravaganza.

Are Old Earth & Young Earth Creationism Both Biblical, Orthodox Interpretations? A Response to Dr Jay Wile’s Big Tent Orthodoxy Position & the 21st Century Down-Grade

The other day I received a phone call from a rather delightful Orthodox Presbyterian. Mr. Jonathan Orcutt, a Biblical Creationist, called to encourage me, having read some of my comments on Dr. Jay Wile’s blog site. Mr. Orcutt was most upset over this Great Homeschool Conventions debacle in which Ken Ham has been judged a sinner for…