Evolutionary Theology: Where Scientific and Biblical Illiteracy Go Hand in Hand

Joel Watts, the misguided theology student who would rather Kentucky open up a porn shop than the Biblically-affirming Ark Encounter, has recently commented on an exchange between Rev. Paul Wallace and Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. Rev. Wallace made the following statement: “But there are other kinds of illiteracy. There is, for example, scientific illiteracy….

Why Hitch Ain’t In Heaven

Recently, arch-atheist Christopher Hitchens, author of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, went home to meet his Maker. I’m not saying that Hitch went to heaven. Unless there was some sort of deathbed conversion [and no one’s saying that’s the case], Hitch definitely did not go to heaven. This is a point on…

God & Stephen Hawking Dispute the Existence of Heaven: Guess WHO Wins?

Stephen Hawking essentially thinks heaven is a comforting fairy tale for those afraid of death. God, of course, disagrees, as revealed in His Holy Word, the Bible. In an interview published in The Guardian, the 69-year-old theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking claims says the human brain is like a computer that will stop working when its components fail….

Does Whale Evolution Hold Water?

At one point in the Origins debate, evolutionists were fond of using the so-called Horse series as evidence for microbes-to-man evolution. The emerging Creationist classification science of baraminology has displaced the Horse series as largely irrelevant to the debate. Creationist scientists now affirm that all horses [including extinct three-toed varieties] all belong to the same created kind…

Vestigial Arguments – Begging the Question for Darwin

I once heard a college professor who specialized in evolution and ecology remark that no he’d never heard an adequate Creationist explanation for vestigial organs and structures. Rather he claimed that the only explanation he’d ever been offered was something to the effect that “Well, God made them to test our faith.” I do not wish to question his veracity…