God & Stephen Hawking Dispute the Existence of Heaven: Guess WHO Wins?

Stephen Hawking essentially thinks heaven is a comforting fairy tale for those afraid of death. God, of course, disagrees, as revealed in His Holy Word, the Bible. In an interview published in The Guardian, the 69-year-old theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking claims says the human brain is like a computer that will stop working when its components fail….

Is Stephen Hawking’s New Book Science or Science Fiction

Contact: Rev Tony Breeden, Founder, DefendingGenesis.org, 304-993-4792 MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 3 /Christian Newswire/ — Stephen Hawking’s new book urges people to believe that unobservable multiverses and alternate histories or existences have explained away the need for a Designer or Creator, but he’s begging the question with science fiction ‘rescuing devices.’ ‘The Grand Design,’ Hawking’s long awaited…