Creation Cryptids

Draco Aethiopicus
Draco Aethiopicus - The Fiery Flying Serpent of the Bible?

This page is dedicated to discussions Cryptozoology [and related weirdness] from a Creationist perspective.

Read this first: Creation Cryptids


–Sirius Knott


Cryptids – Biblical

Relict Dinosaurs


Cryptids – ExtraBiblical



Other Things


Aliens, ABEs and UFOs

Those interested in the Little Green Men & UFOs series might also like to review some comments regarding extraterrestrial lifeforms in the post, Faith-Based Sci-Fi As Exploratory Apologetic.

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  1. Dale Stuckwish says:

    Christian greetings from a believer in the Creation account and the Book of Genesis. I believe there are cryptids that are revealed in the Bible. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for saving me and giving me the opportunity in writing a book that describes and reveals the cryptids that have been seen by people for many generations. This book exalts the Lord as both Creator and Saviour. It gives a biblical perspective to cryptozoology using the CREATION view. It can be viewed and ordered on I love your website Defending Thank you! Sincerely in Christ, Dale Stuckwish

  2. Dale Stuckwish says:

    Dear Sirius Knott, Sorry I forgot to tell what the book is called. The title of the book is “Biblical Cryptozoology: Revealed Cryptids of the Bible”. it can be viewed on Thank you for your time. Sincerely in Christ, Dale Stuckwish

  3. Isaac stanford says:

    Mr.stuckwish , why do you believe that unicorns are in the bible ? Are you a young creation sciencetist ?

    1. Tony Breeden says:


      Do a word search of the King James Bible and you will in fact find the word ‘unicorn.’

      -Tony, Creation Cryptids

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