Financial Disclosure

You may have noticed that there are links to my books and to my family’s graphic design business,, on this site.

In the interests of full disclosure, you should know that I’ve never asked for a single donation or “love offering” through this site, any DefGen-related site or social media. I think I’ve been given, altogether,  a couple hundred dollars since I entered the ministry, all from speaking engagements and usually not enough to pay for the gas. I’m clearly not in it for the money.

My books and the T-shirt/decal designs are separate from my ministry. I simply offer links to them here because I think they will interest some of you and because, well, if the ministry isn’t supporting my family [it never has], I still need an income. I support my ministry with my income, not the other way round. You won’t see “suggested donations” or any references to “partnering” on this site, precisely because I’m not pretending to accept donations when I’m really selling things. I’m a bit more plainspoken than that. I don’t really need it anyway; my ministry costs amount to paying for a domain name or two. Everything ministry-related that I produce on DefGen sites is offered for free, which is, I believe, Biblical [Matthew 10:8].

Bottom line: I get no income from these sites. I’m a “tentmaker,” meaning that I support my family with other ventures which are occasionally mentioned here.


Tony Breeden