Would Lovecraft-Inspired, Hibernating Digital Aliens Solve the Fermi Paradox?

Microbes-to-man evolution predicts that extraterrestrial life should be common, but where is everybody? A recent scientific paper suggests a solution to the Fermi Paradox that is possibly inspired by sci-fi and definitely inspired by a quote from HP Lovecraft. Smh


If microbes-to-man evolution is true and the universe progresses by purely natural processes, the Copernican Principle of Mediocrity suggests that life should be ubiquitous. We should be able to detect signs and signals of intelligent alien life to the point where the news stops reporting it because it’s so commonplace.

Obviously that’s not the case at all, and this state of affairs is known as the Fermi Paradox. The Fermi Paradox can be summer up in the question: “Where is everybody?”

There are several proffered explanations given to explain away this apparent contradiction in evolutionary theory, but no one really knows why we can’t detect extraterrestrial life. No sooner had I written a post on one of the more absurd rescuing devices employed to solve the Fermi Paradox, this one involving a proliferation ofalien zombie pandemics(given tongue firmly in cheek), another more ludicrous explanation made the news:


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