In Which Tom DeLonge (formerly of Blink-182) Wages a UFO War Against Religion

The former frontman for Blink-182 has written a new book I’m currently reading through on the UFO phenomenon called Sekret Machines: Volume 1: Gods, Man and War (co-written with occult historian Peter Levenda). It’s part of a major project from his To The Stars start up that includes fiction and non-fiction books, films and music dealing his interpretation of the UFO phenomenon and his worldview as a result. In short, Tom DeLonge is a man on a mission.

He’s also a misguided missile.

It’s important to note that his book doesn’t provide any sort of disclosure. He’s not even promising that it’s completely truthful (!):

Sekret Machinesintends to demonstrate that by merging fictional and nonfictional approaches, including mass media and social media in a variety of strategies, something analogous to ‘truth’ may be discovered…” [emphasis mine]

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. While DeLonge was named “UFO Researcher of the Year”…

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