Is the Search for ET Rebellion Against God?

I was researching the history of modern creationists thought on exotheology recently, when I came across Ken Ham’s earliest article on the search for extraterrestrial life. The article, entitledAny Little Green Men Out There?, originally appeared in Creation 15, no 1 (December 1992): 14-16.

In that article, Ken Ham wrote of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence:

“When scientists look at [DNA], they say—chance! Yet if they received the simplest of ordered sequences possible from outer space, they would say—intelligence!

No scientists have ever seen a complex language system like our DNA evolve by chance. They know that it takes information to get information, that information never arises unless an intelligence is operating. Yet they refuse to consider the possibility that the vast amount of information contained in life on earth was programmed by intelligence. They refuse to accept the possibility that the God of creation as spoken of…

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