Space Brothers: Are Intelligent ETs Made In God’s Image Too?

Some people think that intelligent extraterrestrial life is impossible because they believe that such a creature would also be made in God’s image, but is this true?

Once upon the 50s and 60s, the Contactee movement referred to aliens as “Space Brothers.” The name was rooted in the idea that extraterrestrials were here to help us out. At the very least, they were here to warn us that we were in danger of annihilating ourselves via nuclear war, ecological disaster or some other man-made misery. It didn’t hurt that these ETs looked like us for the most part. Some have described these fair-haired “Nordics” as technological angels, especially those based on the wild tales of George Adamski, who borrowed heavily from the Bible for his lies about Venusian saucer people.

Alas! Technological angels were replaced quite abruptly by diabolical Greys with their medical experiments, interstellar date rape and dread anal probes! The Space Brothers faded into memory, preserved in old scifi films like The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Even so, the question lingers: are thete other…

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