How Many Christians/Creationists Believe In Aliens?

Some folks try to paint the issue of extraterrestrial life as another facet of the Creation/Evolution debate, but it turns out that twice as many Creationists believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life as not.

A lot of people sk me just how many Christians actually believe in extraterrestrial life. Of course, creationists also want to know how belief in extraterrestrial life compares amongst creationists and evolutionists. These are excellent questions.

In general, we estimate the number by noting that, for example, 75 percent of Americans self-identified as Christians and 50% believe in extraterrestrial life, so we estimate that perhaps 37.5% of Christians believe in extraterrestrial life. Obviously, that’s pretty inexact and the ballpark figure you quote could be way off simply because subgroup beliefs don’t always reflect the larger group to scale.

Christianity and Extraterrestrial Life

A 2013 Survata Poll conducted by interviewing 5,886 online respondents from September 16 to September 18, 2013, is currently the only such poll (to my knowledge) to attempt to break down belief in extraterrestrial life by religious belief.

Overall 37% of the respondents answered “Yes” when asked “Do…

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