Creationism – Just Too Divisive?

Did you know that USAmerica has over 600 separate Christian denominations? Each of these movements is testimony to our commitment to doctrinal purity, but they also give evidence to a pervasive problem within the Body of Christ: Our tendency toward division and schism rather than unity when we disagree.

Frankly, that’s the light some Christian pastors see the Creation/Evolution controversy in; they see it as just too divisive so they don’t really give the issue the consideration it deserves. Those who think of Creation as a side issue think that Creationists are make much ado about nothing. Making mountains out of molehills. Brewing hurricanes in a tea kettle. They’ve decided the controversy just isn’t worth it.

Honestly, what pastor wants the center aisle of his church to be the no-man’s land of the latest pew war?

This approach forgets that Christianity itself is divisive. The Gospel is an offense. The Cross is foolishness and a stumbling block. We are divided into darkness and light, sheep and goats, saved and damned. By the Word of Truth.

Famously, David was accused by his brothers of just trying to stir up the people. Goliath daily mocked the armies of God. From the first David heard of it, he was outraged.When his brothers rounded on him for being a troublemaker, he returned with a cutting question: Is there not a cause?”

The Church faces a modern-day Goliath who mocks us to scorn for trusting in the historical, geographical, scientific and numeric accuracy of the revealed Word of an infinite, infallible God. A good number of Christians have deserted the camp of Biblical inerrancy and tried to make the Bible fit the claims of finite, fallible men – so long as those claims are made in the name of science. But science has been hijacked by evolution. Nevertheless, erroneously supposing that evolutionism and long ages have been proven, men of faith judge the revealed inerrant Word of an infallible, infinite God who was there at the beginning by the grasping, often erring word of fallible, finite men who weren’t! They claim to hold the Bible authorative in matters of faith and practice, but hold the opinions of men as their true authority – so long as it calls itself science.

It is our children who suffer for this compromise. While their parents may be able to reconcile the contradictions of chance evolution and intelligent design, they’re a different story. Assured by public school teachers and college professors that science deals with the real world while religion deals with faith, and that evolution is scientific truth, they recognize that chance and design are irreconcilable and so reject religious truth wholesale. They’re dropping out of church at a rate of 70%, many never to return. Their parents compromise the Word of God and pave the way for them to become, as Jesus warned, “twice the child of hell.”

But I will tell you plainly, the real problem is NOT a few turncoats, even those nearly 13, 000 ministers who have signed the pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project. Though many of these Creation compromisers now attack their Christian brethren who hold to a traditional, biblical 6-day Creation, they’re simply more obvious. When David came to visit his brothers and heard the mockings and blasphemies of Goliath, he saw no challenger from the armies of God. No one made a stand for God. They ducked and what? Hoped that Goliath would just go away?!

It is the silence of the moderate majority that allows the compromise of a few pro-evolution ministers to look like they represent all of Christendom. I am convinced they do not.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his famous Letters from the Birmingham Jail, lamented that it was the White moderate Christian who represented the biggest impediment to racial equality. The moderate’s silence impeded the quest for raciual equality in USAmerica. When the moderate did speak up, he often did so to criticize Dr. King’s activism as too divisive, too troublesome, too controversial. But Dr. King stood up for the biblical truth of racial equality, though none stood with him. Like William Wilberforce, though few stood with him [on the issue of abolition], he eventually changed the world.

Our modern-day Goliath of evolutionism mocks the beginning of God’s Word, undermining it’s truth, authority and the foundational basis of the Gospel. He openly doubts the veracity and intellect of the Apostles, for their Holy Spirit-inspired wrtings affirm both the Creation and the Flood. He is stealing our children from us through tax-payer supported public schools, indoctrinating them in this atheistic worldview.

Will the moderate continue to keep silence? Will the moderate accuse us of stirring up the people? Is there not a cause?

David stood up. Dr. King stood up.Wilberforce made a stand. The rest is history.

You see, the issue is not whether Creation is divisive, but whether it’s worth fighting for. We are called to contend for the faith once delivered [Jude 1:3], not to call for peace at the expense of truth.


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