Simulation Theory and Anti-Alien Creationism: More In Common Than You Think

I was reading a 2016 feedback article on, entitled, “Is the universe a simulation?” when I realized how much the allegedly Biblical principles that modern creationists tout in support of their Earthbound religious perspective have in common with Simulation Hypothesis.

For those of you who don’t know what Simulation Hypothesis is, it’s the idea that we’re living inside a computer simulation much like the humans were at the outset of the Matrix trilogy. As I pointed out inDefending Genesis:

“The appeal of simulation theory is that it neatly explains the anthropic principle: why the universe is so amazingly fine-tuned for the existence of our particular kind of sapient life…

Simulation theory does a bit of hand-waving with the anthropic principle. Our incredible string of Free Lunches are simply variables that were plugged in at the outset of our simulation. Perhaps there are other simulations with…

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