ET & the Evolution Connection?

Is a belief in the possibility of alien life a result of an evolutionary worldview? Not necessarily. If aliens life exists at all, God created it.

In his Amazon bestsellerAlien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, Gary Bates tries to make an intrinsic connection between a belief in extraterrestrial life and the theory of microbes-to-man evolution. The implication is that a belief in the possibility of alien life is the result of an evolutionary worldview rather than a Biblical worldview. Since Bates is the CEO of Creation Ministries International, it is understandable that he would want to connect the subject matter of Ufology and exotheology to the creation/evolution debate; however, the “evolution connection” Bates promises in the subtitle of his book is probably one of the weakest points he raises.

Bates devotes a tiny section (entitled “Aliens and the evolution connection”) of the first chapter, spanning a mere two and a half pages (!), to his promised thesis. Even so, he fails to establish an intrinsic connection between evolutionary premises and the belief that…

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