Alien Delusion: Fearmongering Anti-Alien Movie from Gary Bates in Production

Gary Bates forthcoming film documentary based on his Alien Intrusion book will tell the same old lies. In essence, he’ll equate “abduction” experiences more consistent with hallucinations, mental illness, sleep paralysis and other psychological causes with demonic activity.

It has just come to my attention that afilm adaptationof Dr. Gary Bates’ Amazon bestsellerAlien Intrusionis in the works, due to be released Christmas 2017.

This is NOT good news.

As I demonstrated inStrangers and Aliens, Gary Bates’ book is a bastion of anti-alien fear-mongering supported by bad Biblical arguments and logical fallacies. The fact that my book shows why the UFO phenomenon is irrelevant to the question of extraterrestrial life and [even worse!] then has the added audacity to show why the discovery of extraterrestrial life would not undermine Christian theology has made it theMost Hated Book in Creationism.

The fact that Bates’ position on exotheology and Ufology has become widely accepted (and will doubtlessly become more so after this documentary becomes available) evidences a bigger problem within Christianity: we have so wed ourselves to an anthropocentric cosmology that we are to…

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