Evolution Weekend… Who Needs It?

Dr. Michael Zimmerman, the atheist who started the pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project and Evolution Weekend, has written a new post at the liberal Huffington Post called, Evolution Weekend: Now More Than Ever!

He begins his post with blatant misinformation:

“For the past 11 years, hundreds of religious congregations, congregations from a wide array of religious persuasions and from all corners of the world, have come together to celebrate the interface between religion and science. From Baptists to Buddhists, United Methodists to Unitarians, Jews to Muslims and so many more, almost a million people have celebrated the weekend closest to the birth of Charles Darwin (12 February 1809) as Evolution Weekend.”

What he doesn’t tell you is that the Christian churches celebrating Evolution Weekend come from largely liberal churches whose clergy have long ago abandoned the authority of the Bible, many of whom are rank apostates. So why wouldn’t they preach an origins by all-natural processes which directly contradicted the revelation of Scripture from their very pulpits, right?

“On this weekend, for 11 years, religious leaders and parishioners have raised the quality of the supposed debate between religion and science. They have made it clear that their deeply held religious faith does not preclude accepting, promoting and, yes, celebrating the best modern science has to offer. They have made it clear, in fact, that there really isn’t a debate between religion and science, that both have much to offer. They have also made it clear that the loud but relatively small group of religious fundamentalists who claim that religion and science are often in direct conflict with one another are not speaking for the majority. And they have made it clear that the version of fundamentalism being promoted by this group is at odds with their own religious beliefs.”

Now no one thinks this is a debate between religion and science, unless you qualify the terms as a debate between religion that affirms the authority and veracity of Biblical revelation and science chained to pure naturalism. Of course, this us really what’s going on. The liberal and apostate clergy who’ve signed Zimmerman’s Clergy Letter and the churches who celebrate Darwin from their pulpits are useful idiots to the folks, like Zimmerman, who affirm all-natural evolution and want it taught exclusively in our public schools.

Zimmerman speaks disdainfully of “alternative facts” and places Biblical Creationism in this category; however, the facts stand against him. As we’ve stated time and again, especially in our book Defending Genesis, all that science chained to pure naturalism can do is give us all-natural answers that may or may not be true and are certainly false where the supernatural was involved. Meanwhile those who affirm pure naturalism must affirm that nature can do supernatural things that no one has ever observed: that everything can come from nothing, life can come from non-life, and that a frog can really become a human prince if we just give it enough time and chance.

Statistically speaking, the majority view of the world is that a Creator God made the world. Peer-reviewed science affirms that we are are born intutive theists. In fact, the more people in the USA believd that God created everything about 10000 years ago; only a minority believe the all-natural origins tale taught exclusively in our public schools. The alternate fact being foisted upon us by atheists is an all-natural origins Just-So Story of millions of years of microbes-to-man evolution.

Despite this ideological monopoly on our public schools, Zimmerman feels that evolution is under attack in this arena. Apparently, fish-to-philosopher evolution is so fragile that any opposition or disagreement in a democratic society amounts to an attack. Science advocacy  (read: evolution enforcement) groups even resort to passing laws to protect it from scrutiny.

Evolution Weekend and the Clergy Letter Project aren’t about “the compatibility of religion and science, of respect and dignity, and of understanding is of critical importance”; they’re propaganda tools weilded by one angry atheist who doesn’t affirm the theistic evolutionist position both projects imply and who uses the participants as useful idiots in his campaign to protect the monopoly of all-natural evolution in our public schools. He wants the all-natural origins tale taught exclusively in public schools while promoting thd undermining the ultimate authority of the Bible in our very churches. If he considers it an “attack” when the shoe is on the other foot, it suggests that he realizes the debate is very, very real.

So we say “Evolution Weekend: Who Needs It?” In fact, take a stand for authority and historical veracity of God’s Word this weekend. Celebrate a Creation Weekend instead! Find out more at http://CreationSundays.com.


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