The Last Enemy

Defending Genesis

My friend, a fellow Creation speaker and a minister of the Gospel, announced the death of his beloved wife with these words:

“She knew God’s full glory at 11:55.”

My initial reaction was shock, sorrow, denial. Who hasn’t felt the horror, loss and gut-wrenching sadness of a loved one’s passing? There’s a feeling that it isn’t right. That death is somehow wrong. Unnatural. That’s because it is. Death is an intruder.

The Bible states emphatically that “the last enemy that will be destroyed is Death” [1 Cor 15:26].

Death is the enemy.

When death or tragedy strikes, there is a tendency to turn our attention toward God, either to seek comfort, aid and answers or to shake our fists at the sky. We blame God, but have we any right or cause to do so?

When God originally created the heavens and the earth, it was perfect. This “very good” world…

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