What Has CreationLetter.com Accomplished?

The Creation Letter

In December 2008, I founded CreationLetter.com with the aim of providing a Biblical creationist response to atheist Dr. Michael Zimmerman’s Clergy Letter Project. At the time, the Clergy Letter had nearly 12,000 signatures. In the 8 years since, Zimmerman’s NOMA-based Letter has gained about 1400 more signatures. Since 2006, Zimmerman has also promoted Evolution Sundays (and later Evolution Weekend).
Here’s a basic breakdown of participation over the years:

  • 2006 Evolution Sunday—467 congregations
  • 2007 EvolutionSunday—618congregations
  • 2008 Evolution Weekend—814 congregations
  • 2009 Evolution Weekend (Year of Darwin)—1049 congregations
  • 2010 Evolution Weekend—861 congregations
  • 2011 Evolution Weekend—652 congregations
  • 2012 Evolution Weekend—149 congregations
  • 2013 Evolution Weekend—595 congregations
  • 2014 Evolution Weekend—605 congregations
  • 2015 Evolution Weekend—474 congregations
  • 2016 Evolution Weekend—368 congregations
  • 2017 Evolution Weekend—260 congregations (as of the writing of this blog post)

Not exactly a pattern of spectacular growth. Answers in Genesis rightly characterized Zimmerman’s efforts as “An Atheist’s Fizzle.”

To be fair, though I…

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