Tabby’s Star: Not an Alien Megastructure After All

Some of you have heard of the fuss over KIC 8462852 aka Tabby’s Star. Back in 2015, the Kepler Space Telescope noticed that the star was flickering and dramatically dimming.
This resulted in immediate speculation that the star’s strange behavior was evidence of an advanced alien civilization that was building a vast solar array that spanned it’s solar system in an effort to capture a maximum amount of solar energy. In other words, something like a Dyson Sphere.

Well, it turns out that a more recent study by researchers at the University of California, Berkley, fits the evidence better. Rather than being evidence of an incredibly advanced and ambitious alien civilization, it appears more probable that Tabby’s Star ate one of its planets some time in the past. This inflamed the star’s outer layers for a while but now it’s cooling off again, a few flare ups from remaining planetary…

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  1. Stanley Sethiadi says:

    If one day in the future, we got proves that there are aliens, it is okay. The Bible never wrote that human beings are the only intelligent beings that God created. Perhaps God created other beings in this universe. It is not against the Bible and not against Science. So let us (scientists) keep investigating whether there are aliens or not.


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