Are Aliens a Part of an End Times Deception?

Jeremy Auldaney, author of Mysteries of History Revealed and former “senior field/library researcher/writer” for the Creation Research Society, took objection to my response to one of his anti-alien posts. I noted that he was appealing to an argument from silence and then took particular objection to his insistence that an alien deception was destined to be a part of an End Times Deception.

It’s important to note that this proposed future scenario in which the UFO phenomenon is co-opted by the AntiChrist (who else?) as an explanation for the Biblical Rapture is actually a separate issue as to whether extraterrestrial life exists. InStrangers and Aliens, I went to great lengths to show why the UFO phenomenon is irrelevant to the question of extraterrestrial life. Like all of my fellow creationists, I do not think aliens have been visiting this planet with impunity for the entirety of mankind’s history…

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