Are Aliens a Part of an End Times Deception?

Jeremy Auldaney, author of Mysteries of History Revealed and former “senior field/library researcher/writer” for the Creation Research Society, took objection to my response to one of his anti-alien posts. I noted that he was appealing to an argument from silence and then took particular objection to his insistence that an alien deception was destined to be a part of an End Times Deception.

It’s important to note that this proposed future scenario in which the UFO phenomenon is co-opted by the AntiChrist (who else?) as an explanation for the Biblical Rapture is actually a separate issue as to whether extraterrestrial life exists. InStrangers and Aliens, I went to great lengths to show why the UFO phenomenon is irrelevant to the question of extraterrestrial life. Like all of my fellow creationists, I do not think aliens have been visiting this planet with impunity for the entirety of mankind’s history…

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  1. meganelainefleming says:

    You’ve reminded me that I need to revisit how to connect the dots between End Times/Antichrist narrative (from various Biblical interpretations), the UFO phenomenon, and Satanism. Thanks for the (as always) level-headed post.
    Here’s the thing I will continue to push you on, though: ET disclosure has already happened, in as much as anyone can see the documents recently declassified from the major European nations that the secret government has been covering up contact and covert reverse engineering of spacecraft at least since the 1940’s; scores of defectors – top military and government officials – have come forward to testify that they were part of the cover up. Scores of people are experiencing contact.

    My concern is that your readers and those wonderful faithful Bible-believing types would rather cling to the narrative that ETs are Satanic and of the order of angels rather than accept they are our fellow “man,” even in the face of blatant evidence.

    Since there is blatant evidence ( or Google “the Disclosure project” ) , and you are interested in the question of whether ETs exist (at least, I presume you are sincerely interested), it baffles me that you have not done your research to the point of concluding the inevitable.

    But, I understand that regardless of what evidence is out there, it can be convoluted if the counter-narrative is strong enough. Case in point: in spite of simian evolutionary evidence, Creationists stick to their instant-appearing modern man narrative instead of concede we may have evolved from Apes. The truth is, we biologically evolved over time, but instantly were infused with modern ability at the time of Adam and Eve. It’s not either/or.

    So it’s not as simple as showing someone evidence and expecting that alone to convince them to abandon their belief- it’s tied closely with identity. The unconvinced cite faith, rather than “science” to draw conclusions.

    The reality is, truth-seeking and -finding takes both science and faith, since Source Creator God is both the author of Science and the perfector of our Faith. There is no conflict between the two when all the material AND spiritual facts are understood.
    Don’t give up truth-seeking.
    In Jesus,

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