Strangers & Aliens: Sci-Fi, UFOs and Alien Life Re-Examined

Last year, I began writing a book about aliens and UFOs, with a particular emphasis on some bad arguments that are being tossed around by some of my fellow Young Earth Creationists against the possibility of extraterrestrial life. At long last, my trek down the Ufological rabbit hole has come to and end!

I’ve definitely learned a few things along the way, the chief of which is that I prefer writing fiction to non-fiction. One of the other things I discovered is that the YEC view on science fiction seems to be that it is dangerous and bad. Yes, you read that correctly.

Some Christians erroneously think that science fiction has its roots in evolution or that sci-fi necessarily comes with an evolutionary worldview. To the contrary, the very first work of science fiction was written by a Creationist when Johannes Kepler wrote Somnium in 1608. Today, my fellow Christian sci-fi authors and I at or continue to write science fiction from a Christian worldview. Still, since such antagonistic attitudes towards science fiction prevail in some Christian circles, I ended up having to dedicate the first part of the book to a defense of science fiction, specifically Christian sci-fi.

The next section of the book explains why UFOs really don’t have much if anything to do with the discussion about extraterrestrial life from the Christian perspective. This is the largest section of the book because like anything that has become layered in claims of conspiracy, Ufology takes a bit of time to sort through. I am cheerfully skeptical about the idea that aliens have been visiting this planet with impunity over the last several years. While some Christian apologists have suggested that the UFO phenomenon is 100% demonic, I think I provide more than enough evidence to conclude that this is unlikely to be the case. This section necessarily deals with government cover-ups, Men in Black, hoaxes, psychological factors, the contactee and abductee movements, and claims of Ancient Alien Astronauts over the authority of the Bible.

Having sorted through that question, the final section deals with whether a Christian can believe there is life beyond this planet. It is here that I examine some of the bad arguments that have been tossed around by my fellow creationists to say that Biblical principles forbid the existence of alien life. The Church is said to be the pillar and ground of the truth. Truth cannot be supported by logical fallacies.

I know that some Young Earth Creationists who have been outspokenly anti-alien may see this book as an attack. This is far from the case. I have been a friend of the many of the ministries mentioned in this book, and I shall continue to be so. Besides, the wounds of a friend are faithful [Proverbs 27:6].

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Strangers & Aliens and weigh the arguments I make carefully. I wrote this book with the hope that it changes a few minds.

Until we reach The Last Door,

Tony Breeden


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  1. Stanley says:

    I am a YEC. According to me, the Bible wrote nothing about Alien. And hither too Science didn’t find anything clear untill today. So men and women are free to investigate this further, until there are clear evidence.


    1. Tony Breeden says:

      My arguments in the book are a bit more involved than that but I agree that we should not make dogmatic statements where the Bible is silent

  2. jesusknight says:

    I am open to the idea that there could be other life out in the universe. After all, God can create whatever He pleases, wherever He pleases. He doesn’t need the permission of His created to do it, either. He exists outside the laws of physics, etc., though He created them.

    Now, whether He has done so or not is what all the hubbub is about. I don’t think it should be considered a matter of salvation, like some, which is a totally separate issue. Many think that if you believe that aliens exist then you are not saved. That is a ridiculous assumption.
    It is true that many who do so are New Age or other than Christian, but not all.

    I think there is room for much speculation on both ends, and that makes for good reading if authors will take up the challenge! 😀

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